Monday, November 30, 2009


I know i have abandoned my blog for almost 3week.
I am having some serious family problem last week,
therefore i dont have the time to blog.
Sorry for the late updates. :)

Baby's back. :D

2 weeks ago, baby come back to KL to find me. :)
After bi reach in the morning, i went to bi place around 11am.
We went out to have our late brunch before headed to Midvalley.
Bi has so many movie that she wanted to watch.
I think the last time we watch a movie was months ago.
After we got our movie tickets, went chill our at Noodles Station.

Kesayanganku. :)

After hours of chilling and chatting,
its time for our movie.

A movie of 5 short stories.
Feel so stressed after the first 4 stories. -.-
But its a nice horror movie.
Rate: 8/10

Around 930pm after we finish the movie,
then we dated Yoro for another midnight movie.
Went to have our late dinner at KimGary.

Me and Yoro.

Bi and Yoro.

Then its about time for our midnight movie,
yes and of course its the blockbuster of the month.

To whom that believes the world is coming to an end,
watch the movie and you will believe more.
No doubt its a great movie.
Rate: 9/10

The next day, having a steamboat dinner with the gangs and gf.
Liang, Alex, Yoro, KL, Ding, Gongzai, Bobo, Jk and his gf.
Yoro came and fetch me and bi,
then 11 of us headed to Sunway,
for the famous Yuan Buffet Steamboat restaurant.
Its a 3 floors restaurant and they even has a lift inside. -.- lol.

What are all of them looking at?

Ohh.. Its alex,
and bunch of people there grabbing for chicken wings. -.-

The restaurant most famous fried chicken wings.
They will refill the chicken wings every 15-20min,
and everyone will rush to the section and grabbing for it.
But seriously not bad la the chicken wings. :)

Sorry i forgotten to take the pictures of the food,
because we were all busy laughing and eating.
Baby only came back for 4days then back to Kelantan again.
Cant wait bi back to celebrate Christmas with me.
I miss you bi.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sorry for missing in action again. lol. :)
Recently i got nothing to update at all.
Baby is coming back to KL today to find me.
Have been more then 2weeks we didnt meet.
I just cant wait to see her. :)
And i will go overnight at bi place for this few days.
Promise there will be updates after i came back. :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hellow peoples. I'm back !! :)
Let me see how to start this post.
Lets start from that day i departed to Kelantan.
This post will be full with pictures and sinopsis. :D

On the night of 28 Oct. which is Wednesday night,
Take the train at 8.30pm to Kelantan from KL Sentral.
Its my first time taking a long journey train alone. lol.

The small rack inside the train,
that i spent my 14hours night there.

Woke up in the next morning,
Still inside the train with the weather is rizzling and saw this river.
Whoa. years i havent saw this type of river edy. lol
Okay there is nothing special about the river. -.-

Arrived Kelantan around 11am in the morning,
bi its not feeling well so that her bro came and pick me up.
Went to have breakfast with baby brother.
Then headed back to bi house and saying hi to aunty and uncle. lol.

Went chill out at Up2You with bi,
a small desert shop at Kota Bharu.

Sweet potato in ginger soup.

Honeydew and Dragonfruit ice shaver.

The desert is so so lo, but its a nice place to chillout.
Zeon, Minru and her friend that i dont know what name came join us.
Then went to pool awhile and meet bi other 2 friends. lol.
Later on went to Chiang Mai, a thai restaurant to have dinner.

My baby. :)

Steamed sotong.

Belut in thai pa pet style.

I dont know what is the name,
its something like curry fish.

Chicken feet salads.

Deep friend vegetables.

Roasted Pork Leg.
Walah. this is the bomb.

Fried bees.
lol. yes its bees.

Chicken steamed with coca cola.
Serious. its steamed with coke. haha. :D

8 of us with 8 type of thai dishes.
Overall the food is very delicious and guess what,
only cost RM188 for all the food include water.
A great dinner with great prices. :)

Went to Loykrathong after our dinner.
Loykrathong is a thai festival,
which we buy a Lotus flower to make wishes and put the flower in the river,
so that our wish will come true. :)

The Lotus flower.

We bought one and make wishes. :)

The Dragon car.
Im not sure what is this for but its related to the festival. lol.

The next day Minru and a new friend Yek came to bi house.
Then we went to Pantai Irama together.

Budak Jagung Panggang.
"Soh yah limo untuk soh jagung." ,
which means RM1.50 for 1 jagung. :):):)

Bi and Minru.


Me busy with the jagung. :p

Minru and Yek.


Love this picture. :)

Then we planned for Barbeque tonight at bi house,
headed to Tok Bali Market and buy the ingredients.
The seafood there is so so fresh and cheap.

The huge sotongs.

Types of very fresh fish.

Bi and me were setting up the fire in the barrel.

Only seafood. :)

The other day, bi brother have to go to Terrenganu to work.
Me and bi follow him along to Terrenganu.
Its my first time been there and we called Wengchun out. hahaha.
Yes, and he came and bring us for a half day trip at Terrenganu.

Wengchun bring us to this small shop,
that sells famous lekor for 30+ years edy.

Too bad we dint get to try.
because have to wait too long for it to be cooked.

Then we went to the beach at Terrenganu.

The beach is very nice and comfortable.

Tangwengchun. :)

Me and bibiku. :)

The 3 of us at Terrenganu. :D

The next day meet another bi friend, Ying.
Then night went to have steamboat with Adelynn, Minru and Ying.
A steamboat that very similar to BBQ Plaza.

Nasi Dagang Kelate.
Sedaaaaap. 8/10.

Have nasi dagang before i went back to KL.
Then went to KB mall for a walk with baby before i went back to KL.
Then baby send me to railway station for my train at 6.30pm.
Having a great time with baby at her hometown. :):):)