Thursday, January 28, 2010

Claypot Lou Shu Fun.

Its been a while that i havent been blogging about foods.
So this post gonna be a good foodie of course.
Are you fancy to Claypot Lou Shu Fun?
If yes, then for sure you have to go to Sri Petaling for it.
Thanks to Evon whom introduce it to me. :)

It is just a single stall.
Located inside ARISAN kopitiam at Sri Petaling.

And they have been visited by Wong Chui Ling.
The host of food programme One Day Five Meals. :)

The lou shu fun is very bouncy,
and it comes together with fish paste(Yu Wad),
and topping with a half cooked eggs.
Very tasty and affordable food.
Only costs RM5.00.
Rate: 8/10

Baby said that,
'its very yummylicious and fulfilling.'
*Thumbs up* :D

Monday, January 25, 2010


Hellow peoples!
I know i have not been updating for some times again.
Its because i got nothing much to blog about. x.x
And since i am so free now,
gonna comments for the 2 movies that i have watched. :)

Its a Jackie Chan movie.
And of course we expect more from his movie.
But the movie line is kinda simple and least of actions.
And i would say its doesn't hit my expectations.
Unlike his previous movie like,
Rob-B-Hood, Rush Hour & Tuxedo etc.
Rate: 5/10

Dwayne Johnson is the Tooth Fairy,
He plays the role of a hockey player in the minor league,
and when he discourages a youngster's hopes,
and disbelieve in fairy tales,
he is sentenced to 1 week of hard labor of being the Tooth Fairy.
This is a nice movie i can say.
And i would recommend you to watch this movie. :)
Rate: 8/10

Friday, January 8, 2010

Heart to Heart.

College reopened after the long 2months semester break.
This is the second week of my fifth semester,
all the subjects started teaching as well.

And i skipped quite a few classes as well. damn! -.-
I started to love Jasmine Lau classes now,
altho she's strict in attendance but still her class is not boring.
Might choose her classes more in future perhaps. :)

DanCloud. :)

Okey, back to the last week delayed post.
As usual, FRIDAY was me and the girlfriend day. :)
Headed to Midvalley for a movie today.
We watched Ju-on:White Ghost and Black Ghost.
This movie is real bored altho got some part that we got shocked.
Rate: 2/10. Please dont watch it. lol.

The place we taken our first pics 7months ago. :)

Bi said that she was hungry after movie.
Think no more as we saw Sushi King right infront of us,
so yea went in there to fill up our tummy. :D

The all time favourites. :)

hmm.. idk why my expression is like that after food. :S

My poser. lol. :D

There is a Chocolate Fair at the Exhibition Hall.

Malaysia Chocolate Fair. lol.
I dont find any specialities neither cheaper of chocolates there.
So there is nothing much to talk about the fair. lol.

I saw this orang putih surronded by the crowds.

He was surronded by so many peoples.
I am not sure who is him,
but i think he is some kind of famous chocolates guy. lol.
Btw he is making a tower with chocolate there.
And there is another fair beside the Chocolate Fair.

Heart to Heart.
A fair all about weddings.

When your first step into the hall,
all the salesperson bangs to you,
and as if that you're gonna look for a wedding. lol.
The most asked question was,
' When is your wedding date? '

This is real interesting.
Because was my first time visiting a weddings fair. :)

Look at the weddings gown.
Its so grand and beautiful. :)
After a walk inside the hall,
it really makes you feel that you wanna get married. lol.

Babyku. :)

Last but not least,
a pictures of us after visiting the fairs. :)

Teehee.. ♥
Damn, i look so ugly here. -.-
But still its okey laa.
A simple & sweet friday i had. :)