Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunway Pyramid.

Its another great weekend Saturday.
Went to pick up baby around 930am with mom and aunts.
Then we headed to Yulek for dimsum as our breakfast.
And accompanied mom and aunts to market before sending them back.

Baby and me. :)

Later after sending mom and aunty back home.
Me and bi headed to Sunway Pyramid for shoppings. :)
Recently i got so many movies that i wanted to watch,
yet i havent got the time to watch it.
And also today we are going to meet up with LexLexy & Bell. :D

The couples, BellLexy. :)

Me and bi went to buy movie tickets while waiting for them to come.
Wanted to look and shop for some apparels,
but couldn't found any that i really like.
After met up with the couples, then went to movie together.

From Paris With Love.
A movie starring John Travolta.
A simple story line action pack movie.
Travolta has a good sense of humour.
A not bad movie i can say.
Rate: 5/10

We went to KimGary for yamcha after our movie.
After hours chilling at there,
we headed to Asia Cafe to play pool togehter with BellLexy.
Very nice meeting them and hanging out together with them. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


As all of you knew that for this year,
Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Valentine's day.
Alot of couples couldn't celebrates Valentine's on its day,
because most of them are going back to the hometown for CNY.
Same goes to me because baby is at hometown on that day.
So we celebrated our simple Valentine's earlier.

Happy Valentine's baby. ♥

No roses, No chocolates, No pricey dinner.
We only have Pizza Hut for our Valentine meal,
but still we have a very happy and sweet Valentine.
And i gave a LACOSTE purse for baby as a gift. :)
Then we catch a movie on that day.

Tiger Woohoo.
This is our locally made movie.
Starring all Malaysian artistes and also MYfm DJ.
The story is about 'Woohoo',
which means a tradisional Tiger dance at Kuantan.
I can say the movie is not that hilarious,
but its a meaningful and touching movie.
Rate: 8/10

I would like to wish all my love ones, family and friends,
Happy Chinese New Year
Happy Valentine Day

And also,
Have a happy, properous, and healthy in this coming Tiger year.
To whom are still studying get excellent results in studies.
To whom are working all the best and everything go smooth.
To whom are single quickly find your another half.
And to all the couples, stay sweet and happy. :D

Last but not least,
Gong Hei Fatt Choy & Sam Seung Si Seng!!! :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sunway Lagoon.

Sorry for lacking of updates again. :p
This post is a delayed post of last Friday.
Our newly formed Gong-Tud crews,
have our first trip together to Sunway Lagoon. :)
All togehter 8 of us in 2 cars to the destination,
Baby, Adelynn, Zeon, Inn, Yudong, KiaSiang, Yangzhen & me.
**Pictures will tell the stories.

We departed around 11am after our breakfast. :)

We're on the way. @ Kesas Highway.

Imagine when you're driving,
and the car beside you show you their middle finger. lol.

Heading to Sunway Lagoon. :)

The last i been to here was 4years ago.

Before entering to the theme park,
for sure we gotta camwhore kao kao. :D
Let me introduce all of them. :)

Thats me with the Lagoon mascot. :D

Adelynn and BaiSiang. :)

Yangzhen and bi. :)

Me and Zeon. :)

The love bird, Inn and Dong. :)

Baby and me.
Love this picture. :)

Buying the theme park ticket.
Not bad, there are 25% discount with Jusco card.
Only RM46 per pax. :)

Our group picture. :)

Our first ride was the 360degree pirate ship.
Picture credit to baby. :)

And the its time to go in to the water. :D

Zeon look like a pornstar here la weih. lmao.

Owh. YZ and KS is so sweet. :)

The couple. Inn and Dong. :)
A very nice picture for both of them.

Baby and me. :)

4 of them was there waiting for the barrel of water to pour.
Picture credit to baby too. :)

Were chilling at the wave pool before went for the slides.

The skies started to get dark around 5.30pm,
and suddenly the rain pours.
So we decided to dry up ourself and go back.

Inn and Dong. :)

Me and Yangzhen. :)

Baby and me.

We are dead hungry like we hvnt been eating for 836429years.
Then we headed to Pyramid to crave for food.

My love. :)

Bi and me went to have Kenny Roger's.

The all time yummylicious,
Kenny Roger's vanilla muffins.

We really had fun today and we have an awesome trip.
We should plan more outings & trip together. :D

There are actualy more pictures,
but i didnt upload it all here.

Kindly visit my Facebook to view all the pictures. :)