Saturday, September 26, 2009

SaVanh Bar.

Danny came and fetch me around 1230pm,
then went to brunch and pool with bi.
Around 7pm, have dinner with bi, Danny, and Piong.
Then headed to Mont Kiara Plaza met up with Shermaine for happy hour.

Me and bi. :)


Piong, me and Danny.


The place there are awesome, its very beautiful and,
they have japanese and koeran restaurants and bars there.
Shermaine still havent reach after we waited her for like 15min,
we called her and she told us that she is waiting at inside already. -.- lol.

SaVan Bar @ Plaza Mont Kiara.
The entrance.

The bars.
Beautiful decorations.

Piong, Shermaine, me & bi. :)

Ohh. look at Danny is peeping at me. lols.

The live band.
They're awesome.!!

Danny is hungry, then i accompanied him for Subway a while.
When i came back, the bands suddenly said,
"this song is dedicated from Cloudy for Daniel,
and her message is im sorry baby and i love you."
The song is Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You.

Ohmyhollymamajesuschrist !!!
Im so suprise and so happy and so touched. :):):)
That feeling is so great and sweet and i cant stop smiling. lol.
Thanks everything bi. :)

Then we continue for 2nd round @ Shermaine house.
Her house is so comfy and its like a hotel more then a house. lol.

Piong, Shermaine and the guy with seaweed is Chang Ming.
The new friend funny friendly friend. lol. :D

What you normally see when you open your fridge?
And what you normally get to drink at your fridge?
But you get to see this and get to drink this at Shermaine fridge. lol.

Full of Carlsberg and beers. lol.
The coke is for mixture also de. hahahaha. :D

All were busy playing the Wii.
You will laugh your ass off. hahaha. :D

JackDaniel's not that bad tho the taste.
Match with green tea mixture.

Chang Ming.
He is so thirsty for the whole night long. HAHAHA.
Play what also kena drink.

Jiggameir. A german liqouir.
Jiggameir + Red bull = Jiggaboom. lols.
Taste awesome. :)

Having a great night with bi and friends.
Overnight at maine house,
planned to go a swim the next day,
but then tak jadi bcz raining.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bak Kut Teh.

Went to bi place and pick up bi this morning,
we have a date with DaShirley for lunch.
We met up at Shirley house.
then headed to Balakong,
for the Bak Kut Teh that Shirley recommend.

Meal for 4 of us.

Bak Kut Teh with mix pig organs.
The soup smells very good and its very saturated.
Rate: 9/10

Stewed Spicy Chicken.
The taste its like spicy pork ribs,
but it is very tasty.
Rate: 8/10

Greenie Veges.

The old sweet couples, Dash Shirley. :)
*shirley dont smile* lols. :D

The Bak Kut Teh its very yummylicious lo seriously.
*Thumbs Up*

I dont think we have to go all the way to Klang now. :)
Shirley no recommend wrong lo. hahaha. :D
After our brunch, me and bi headed to Pavillion.

We actualy planned for a movie,
but then after we reached we dont feel like watching movie edy.
So we just walk around and i got myself a soccer socks.

By baby. :)

Went yamcha at WongKok with bi after that.
Chit chat, camwhore and joke with bi there. hahaha. :D
Headed back around 7pm bcz i have futsal at 8pm.
Bi accompany me today for futsal. keke. :D
After futsal, i done something that really make bi upset,
im sorry bi, no next time. :(
Then went yamcha with Alex and Yoro before sent bi back home.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Restaurant Gui Lin.

Went for pool with bi and yoro today at Perfect.
I find that Perfect is better than Fireball.
Although the cue's there its not so nice but,
its much more spacious there and much more colder there.

After finish pooling, we were really starving.
So we went to Restaurant Gui Lin to eat rice.
Its located at the Taman Connaught pasar malam road,
just few shop away from KFC.

Opened for lunch until dinner.
As you can see, its almost fully sitted inside.

Drunken Chicken.
Half chicken with chinese liquoir thick sauce.

Butter Fried Taufu.

Fried Sotong with Salted Eggs.
This is the bomb la, very delicious.

Fried Kangkong with Belacan.

Overall the food is delicious i can say.
I would rate it 8/10.
Especially the Fried Sotong with Salted Eggs.
And the price is reasonable and affordable.
The 4 dishes with rice and drinks only cost RM56.20.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Quattro Lounge.

Went to baby place around 12pm today.
We headed to Mcdonalds for our brunch with Lynn, Alex and Yoro along.
Wanted to play pool but Fireball was closed today due to Hari Raya,
then we went to Perfect @ Giant for pool but it was full.
So we played snooker first, many years dint played snooker edy.
But not bad not bad thou, i won the game. HAHA. :):):)
Then we continue with pool.

After finish playing pool, Shermaine dated us for a drink.
Around 6pm, headed to Quattro @ Avenue-K for the happy hour.
Its my first time chilling at there.

Quattro Lounge.


Shermaine. :)

Lynn boleh ah? lolss.

Minum teh saja laaa. haha. :D

Kesayanganku. :)

Tagap la aku. :D

Lynn and Shermaine. :)

Baby and me. :)

Its a very nice and comfortable to place to chill.
Thanks Shermaine for the treats. :D

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Ugly Truth.

Its been a week since my previous updates,
dont worry im still alive, no torn no tear. :D

Its outing day with bi,
as usual friday its our day. :)
Yes, and its Midvalley again. HAHAHA !
There have everything and nice to jalan jalan ma. :D

We reached there around 3pm,
was really dead hungry because dint even had my breakfast.
Dont really have idea what to have for our late brunch.
Finally, we decided to have KFC. :D

Bibiku makan KFC.

Its like the best ever frien chicken i ever had before. lol.
Its finger lickin's good. :D
After eating, its time for movie.
Since so many saying this movie its so nice,
we decide to watch this movie too.

The Ugly Truth.
Its quite funny, not bad.
and i like Gerard Butler. lol.
Rate: 7/10

After movie, walk walk a while.
and went to the supermarket to bought some stuff.
We headed back around 7pm,
its raining heavily and there is a jam caused by acciddent at Federal highway.
Fetched Ning and sent bi back home,
then went for futsal at Challenger 8pm till 11pm.
3 hours futsal its tiring. @_@

Saturday, September 12, 2009

BTR Lake Park.

Few days ago, promised bi to bring her to a park.
And today i brought bi to a park at Bandar Tun Razak.
A very big park with lake and fountain,
and its a nice park for jogging because its very windy and comfortable there.
That park is located right opposite Hospital UKM.

Bi and me. :)

We reached there around 530pm,
alot of peoples are jogging that time.
We dint jog today bcz we dint prepared for a jog,
we just have a walk in the park and taking pictures around.
Enjoy the pictures. :)

Bibiku. :)

Oh. bi look so small. lol.

Thats me. :D

The flower.

Picture by me. :)

Mini waterfall. :)

Coconut tree?

I like this one. ♥ ♥

Nice sunset picture by bi. :)

Apa muka ni? lol. :D

After the walk,
there is a Pasar Ramadan nearby, malays who sells food for buka puasa.
We went there to buy some food for dinner.
The food was not really nice thats why no pictures of it.
But still, we have a very nice day. :):):)