Friday, June 26, 2009

Fullfilled Friday.

Its Friday. :D
Outing day for me and dear,
but this time together with the friends. :)

DanielCloudy. :)

Went over college to pick dear up and met up with them,
Adelynn, Dash, Shirley, KaiSiang, Danny, Ken.
Then we headed to The Pavillion. :D
I used the SMART highway but i missed out a turn,
which lead me to a real big turn. -.-
Reached and go get tickets for movie.

TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the fallen.

Its a must watch movie la weih.


DashShirley. :)


KSiang. :)

Ken!! :)

After movie, went chilled at WongKok and chitchated there.
Zeon came met us up too.

You are my sugarbaby.^^,

Dinner time,
thinking where to have our dinner.

But Ken have to go back early,

so Danny sent Ken home and we went to Yulek for dinner.

Bak Kut Teh.
So so only.@@

Finished our dinner around 930pm,

headed back to Connaught to leave Dash and Shirley.
Then went yamcha at OldTown.

My ah mui. :)

KS & Danny boi.

What next?!
We are going to sing midnight-K. :D
Headed to Neway @ Cheras Plaza at 11pm.
Rooms are fully booked, have to wait till 1230am.
We are camwhoring like nobody business while waiting. :D

Crazy happy night. :D

KS, Danny, Me, Zeon.

My baby. :)

Owhh... Sexay. lolss :D

Checked-in to the K room.
6 of us are entitled for 18 drinks. lol.
So, its 18 bottle of Kampai. :D

Happily singing. :)

Danny, after 1/2 bottle of Kampai.
Stoning already. lols.

only weih.
This is what happen after 1 bottle.

He's dead. LOL.

The crazy dude Zeon. :D
and look at Lynn faces. lol.

Me & dear.
Went back around 4am.
Tired but really enjoyed and so high.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

MunJun Birthday.

Have my brunch with dear and Adelynn today.
Wanted to have pan mee at nearby Tayton,
but it was closed. -.-
Then we headed to Mui Yi Pan Mee.

Dear went to class at 1230pm,
Received Eunice message said that 2pm class was canceled,
which means i got no classes today. :D
Met Dash and planned where to buy cakes for MJ.
Since its still early and we got nothing to do,
me and Danny follow Dash back to Shirley house to kill time.

Head back to Connaught to pick up my dear.
Then our decision is to buy the cake at Secret Recipe's.
The cake we choosed for MJ is Cheezy Choc,

Creamy cheese cakes with chocolates. :)

Night was the birthday celebration for MunJun.
It was actualy celebrating earlier for him,
due to the some of them not free on the real day.
Met up with the gang,
then headed to Look Out Point @ Hulu Langat,

The birthday boy. :D

Making wishes. :)

Happy Birthday Mr Choy Mun Jun.
22 years old jor lar,
Be a good boy okay? :D
Wish your dreams turn reals,
and success in whatever you are doing. :)

R.I.P Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.
has passed away on 25th June 2009.

Michael Jackson suffered a heart attack while in Los Angeles.
and passed away shortly after being rushed to a hospital.
He was 50 years old.

We will never forget you The King of Pop.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Port Dickson.

20-21 June 2009.
Port Dickson trip with my baby and the gang. :D
Me, Dear, Shirley, Dash, JiaWen, MunJun, Danny, Eunice.
A long post that pictures will do most of the talkings. :D

p/s: Click into the pictures for a clearer view because it was all high pixel images.

Woke up at 7am and prepared,
while waiting for MJ to came and fetch us.

Headed to Sri Petaling.
DimSum breakfast bfore starting our journey.
Dear was not feeling well, dizzy and vomiting,T.T
because of the liquoir consuming last night.><

The sea view from our resort.
Reached Port Dickson around 12pm.

Checked-in to our resort and settle eevrything.
Next place to go is to the Army Meseum.
But dear dint follow because she have to rest at the room.

Entrance of the Army Museum @ PD.
*Dash, Shirley, JW, Eunice, Me, MJ.

Big cannons. :D

Us with the Big Cannons.

*Waiting for the train to arrive.

JW, Dash & Me in the train. :D

The couple.
Dash & Shirley.

JW & Me.

*Sedia khidmat untuk negara. :D

Shirley, Eunice, JW.

Poser! :D

Group pictures before go for our lunch.

PD Walk.
The place we have our lunch there.
After lunch went to Billion Hypermarket,
to buy stuff for the night BBQ. :)

Bought lunch for my dear.
She is feeling okay now. =)

Camwhore in the room. lol.

The gf massaging for the boyf. :D

Me with the awesome sea view.

Me & dear. :)
Its beach time !!! :D

*The 8 of us. =*)

Group pictures at the beach. :)

Daniel Ho the photographer. :D


Eunice & JW. :)

Me & Dear. =)

I love this so much. =*)

Walking in the sand. :)

Hehehehe. :)

I love you my babygal. :)

The couples.
hehehe. =)


The gang. :D

O.O" ?

*Daniel love Cloudy
After beach time, its the swimming pool time.

Spot us ! :D

Seremban Siew Pow.
Mr.Gan came and join us for the BBQ.
Thanks to him for buying us the famous siew pow,
and ice cubes and stuff for BBQ. :)

Around 8pm,
BBQ time!!

Thinking how to set up the fire.

MJ trying hard to set up the fire. =S

Eunice, JW, MJ. :)

DashShirley ! :D

The DC. :)

Gan & Eunice. :)

The food.

Usual 3 of us. :)

Finish eating,
walk around the beach for a while.
Still early..just 11plus..
What to do next?
Back to our resort,
its gambling time. :)

Choy Mun Jun !
Ishh... Tipu semua duit liao. T.T
We gamble till 2am,
dont feel like sleeping yet.

Went to have a midnight beach walk.
Sit at the beach relaxing till 5am.
Have a good time relaxing there.

Baby and me.

*Enjoying to the waves.

*Quietly enjoying the beach.

Danny boy. :)

Went back to our resort and sleep.
Till the next morning wake up prepared.

*Say byebye to Port Dickson.

Time to checked-out and headed to Seremban Mall.
Have our brunch there before went back to KL.

Great trip,
Great beach,
Great time with dear and friends,
Awesome memories.
Everything is just good. =)
I miss the time in Port Dickson now.