Monday, June 14, 2010

day 1 without you.

had been more than 3months since my last post, a sad one too.
3months ago, i done wrong and did not good enough,
you left me for a week, i tell you that i will change and show you.
i did change, and we were happily, pass our 1st anniversary.
then i did a big sin of didnt appreciate well the chances given,
i did change, but not good enough,
and you left me again last night, im totally broken.
broken into pieces..
and im here to blog, just to express my feelings.

the moments you left me,
my heart is no longer a solid heart anymore,
a heart with millions of broken pieces..
im not wanted to control you,
im just concerning and cares about you..
i feel really sad when i saw the words that i dont want to..
i felt so painfull when i saw you deleted our album..
baby please dont fade away from me, please..
i admit im weak, im really weak..
i tried to be tough, but i failed..
im vry suffering and painful..
i will never give up on you,
coz i knw you are my true love and the only one..
nobody can replace your position in my heart, never ever..
i will change, i wanna show you that i will change to better..
no matter how much pain it takes, i will wait for you...
baby i just wanna be with you, you are my everything u know?
i love you so soo much, now and always...

its day one without you baby.

i miss you so so much... its not been a good day..
never a good day without you by my side..
feeling sad, sorrow and tearing non stop..
driving with no direction everywhere,
just to wait the time to pass..
i throw the dinner mom bought for me,
coz i really no appetite to eat at all,
i feel like vomitting everytime i try to eat.
but i have to lied to my mom i have eat the food.
how are you today? doing fine?
knew that you went to steven corners just now.
im happy u text me asking me which team do i support,
while netherlands vs denmark just now.
im really happy that u texted me.
tomorrow we are having our bcomm mid term together.
i wanted to go and fetch you and go together,
but you dont want, you said you following your friends.
i dated you for a lunch after mid term,
you rejected.. i just wanna see you and spent time with you.
its okay, i will respect your decision..
when we are in phone, i just dun hope to hang the phone.
i just miss you so so much..