Monday, June 14, 2010

day 1 without you.

had been more than 3months since my last post, a sad one too.
3months ago, i done wrong and did not good enough,
you left me for a week, i tell you that i will change and show you.
i did change, and we were happily, pass our 1st anniversary.
then i did a big sin of didnt appreciate well the chances given,
i did change, but not good enough,
and you left me again last night, im totally broken.
broken into pieces..
and im here to blog, just to express my feelings.

the moments you left me,
my heart is no longer a solid heart anymore,
a heart with millions of broken pieces..
im not wanted to control you,
im just concerning and cares about you..
i feel really sad when i saw the words that i dont want to..
i felt so painfull when i saw you deleted our album..
baby please dont fade away from me, please..
i admit im weak, im really weak..
i tried to be tough, but i failed..
im vry suffering and painful..
i will never give up on you,
coz i knw you are my true love and the only one..
nobody can replace your position in my heart, never ever..
i will change, i wanna show you that i will change to better..
no matter how much pain it takes, i will wait for you...
baby i just wanna be with you, you are my everything u know?
i love you so soo much, now and always...

its day one without you baby.

i miss you so so much... its not been a good day..
never a good day without you by my side..
feeling sad, sorrow and tearing non stop..
driving with no direction everywhere,
just to wait the time to pass..
i throw the dinner mom bought for me,
coz i really no appetite to eat at all,
i feel like vomitting everytime i try to eat.
but i have to lied to my mom i have eat the food.
how are you today? doing fine?
knew that you went to steven corners just now.
im happy u text me asking me which team do i support,
while netherlands vs denmark just now.
im really happy that u texted me.
tomorrow we are having our bcomm mid term together.
i wanted to go and fetch you and go together,
but you dont want, you said you following your friends.
i dated you for a lunch after mid term,
you rejected.. i just wanna see you and spent time with you.
its okay, i will respect your decision..
when we are in phone, i just dun hope to hang the phone.
i just miss you so so much..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i miss you.

baby, had been 3 days you are not with me..
i feel really sad and suffer when you are not by my side..
i miss you so so much baby..
i dont know how to pass my day,
my 24 hours is more like 24days now..
i lost appetite, i had insomnia, i cant do anything..
i am really afraid of losing you because i really cant lost you..
i really miss you and your presence..

i really realise and awaken of all my mistakes,
i know i didnt do a good bf at all this almost 10months,
i didnt show you how much i cares and appreciate about our relationship,
and i dissapoint you alot of time till you are exhausted,
but baby, i really realise and know about my mistakes,
i really wanted a very very last chance to change everything..
to prove everythng to show you how much i cares and loves you..
i really appreciate and i am very serious in our relationship baby..
please forgive me for the last time and give me the last chance to show and prove everything to you baby..
please dont ever give up baby..

you had gone back to kelantan for few days..
i know you wanted to relax and chill at there..
its ok baby, take good care of yourself..
i will be always there for you..
and i am waiting for you and will be always waiting..
i dont want you to be apart from my life,
i want you back so much baby, i really need you..
i love you baby. now and always..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice In Wonderland.

Its time for me to take off my [P] license.
Which means i gotta renew to my Permanent Driving License. :D
Went over to JPJ at Tmn Permaisuri with baby to settle it. :)
The working staff there are really efficient.
I settle down everything around 30mins. :)
And here's my [P] and permanent driving license.

The pictures is taken on that day.
Freaking 4pcs of photo cost me RM13.
Lucky it do looks good. Worth it. lol. :D

After that, went to PappaRich to have brunch with baby.
Our first time trying out PappaRich. :)

Nasi Lemak with Rendang chicken.
Its a common food but its delicious. trust me. :D

Baby Chicken Chop with fried rice.
Walah. The chicken is very tender and so match with the sauces. :)

Fish Cake.
It might look miserable but dont judge it taste by its look. lol.
But still the one in Tayton is better. :)

The Lychee Soda. :)

After finish our brunch, we then headed to Midvalley.
Same case, its real hard to get a parking there. -.-
Then we went to purchase movie ticket.
But all the showtime for Alice In Wonderland of the day is selling fast,
which means only left the first two row of seats only.
Baby seems dissapointed because,
she wanted to watch the movie so much since it is released.

But guess what, i notice there were still uncollected reservations,
therefore i waited till the reservations tickets is release.
At last i able to bought 2 of the reservation tickets. :D
While waiting for the movie,
went to chill with baby at Little Taiwan.
The drinks there sucks and doest worth the price too. -.-

Baby. ♥

I love my girl. :)

Alice In Wonderland 3D.
Not as what we have expected.
But not bad thou. :)
Rate: 6/10

Our first time watching 3D together. :D

Last but not least,
the idiotic us. :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Roast Goose.

Another good food on the earth to introduce here.
If you like something ROASTED then you gotta try this out.
Went to try this with baby for our lunch.

This is not roast duck neither roast chicken.

Its Roast Goose man.
This is seriously freaking awesome yummylicious. :D
RM33 for a quater of tender juicy roast goose.
Yes, just 1/4 of it. lol. Enough for 2-3 person.
You can try this at the opposite highway of UCSI.
That 2nd shop, just right beside the tyre shop.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Genting Trip.

Hello? I guess my blog is dead now.
So i am coming back for some updates now. lol.

Yes, last week i went to Genting Highlands.
Not with family neither friends,
but its with my baby this time. :D
Our first time been to Genting together. :)

First pictures of the day. :)

Baby. :)

KTM arrived.

We didnt drive there,
because i am not quite clear with the roads,
and also its kinda dangerous to drive all the way there.
First we take a train to KL Sentral,
then from there we get a bus to Genting. :)

We arrived KL Sentral around 11.30am.
But the earliest bus was on 2pm,
other earlier bus had been sold out.

Guess what.
There are extra sits in the 12pm bus.
And we make it for the 12pm bus. :D

We arrived at the Genting Skyway around 130pm. :)

Kisses in Skyway. :)

And we are at Genting Highlands. :D

Aww. I love this. :)

Genting First World.

The Ferris Wheel.
Tell me its nice! lol.

After have a walk around and taking pictures,
went to shops with baby. :)
And i got myself 2 tops from PDI.
Bi choosen that for me, i like it. :)
Then our stomach is callings,
cravings for food and we choosen this one,


Walah. Tower Burger, no.4 in the menu.
Its really bestt. :)

Full satisfication with a cup of coke. :)

Baby is at Paris. lol.

And a Ribena caterpillar. :D

Ohh. and we met Zeon working at Poney. :)

First World Hotel.

The outdoor theme park. :)

Me and baby. :)

And then we went to the indoor arcade center.
We played this wheel of fortune.

And i won a Allie pencil case for baby. lol.

After few round of playing it,
we got even more things. lol.

Like this. lol.
A pencil case, mirror, wissel and pop corn. :)

The pop corn is better than GSC. lol. :)

Another picture of us. :)

After chilling outside with baby,
we went to have a walk and started to drizzling.
Then me and bi went to Arcade center again. lol.
Not playing this time, but taking pictures. :D

Cool gong! hahaha.

The ugliest mickey i guess. lmao.

Thats me. :)

Elephant rider. lol.

And this is my mek rempit. :D

I really enjoyed and had fun today.
We had a really great time together there.

Perhaps outdoor theme park next time baby?
Space shot baby!! :D

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunway Pyramid.

Its another great weekend Saturday.
Went to pick up baby around 930am with mom and aunts.
Then we headed to Yulek for dimsum as our breakfast.
And accompanied mom and aunts to market before sending them back.

Baby and me. :)

Later after sending mom and aunty back home.
Me and bi headed to Sunway Pyramid for shoppings. :)
Recently i got so many movies that i wanted to watch,
yet i havent got the time to watch it.
And also today we are going to meet up with LexLexy & Bell. :D

The couples, BellLexy. :)

Me and bi went to buy movie tickets while waiting for them to come.
Wanted to look and shop for some apparels,
but couldn't found any that i really like.
After met up with the couples, then went to movie together.

From Paris With Love.
A movie starring John Travolta.
A simple story line action pack movie.
Travolta has a good sense of humour.
A not bad movie i can say.
Rate: 5/10

We went to KimGary for yamcha after our movie.
After hours chilling at there,
we headed to Asia Cafe to play pool togehter with BellLexy.
Very nice meeting them and hanging out together with them. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


As all of you knew that for this year,
Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Valentine's day.
Alot of couples couldn't celebrates Valentine's on its day,
because most of them are going back to the hometown for CNY.
Same goes to me because baby is at hometown on that day.
So we celebrated our simple Valentine's earlier.

Happy Valentine's baby. ♥

No roses, No chocolates, No pricey dinner.
We only have Pizza Hut for our Valentine meal,
but still we have a very happy and sweet Valentine.
And i gave a LACOSTE purse for baby as a gift. :)
Then we catch a movie on that day.

Tiger Woohoo.
This is our locally made movie.
Starring all Malaysian artistes and also MYfm DJ.
The story is about 'Woohoo',
which means a tradisional Tiger dance at Kuantan.
I can say the movie is not that hilarious,
but its a meaningful and touching movie.
Rate: 8/10

I would like to wish all my love ones, family and friends,
Happy Chinese New Year
Happy Valentine Day

And also,
Have a happy, properous, and healthy in this coming Tiger year.
To whom are still studying get excellent results in studies.
To whom are working all the best and everything go smooth.
To whom are single quickly find your another half.
And to all the couples, stay sweet and happy. :D

Last but not least,
Gong Hei Fatt Choy & Sam Seung Si Seng!!! :D