Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My 19th Birthday.

Daniel Ho Yong Wei. :)

The 29th of December of every year its my big big day.
Yeah, today its my 19th birthday. :D
And of course i celebrated with the love ones. :)

Went to pick baby in the afternoon.
Then we headed to Midvalley for our brunch.
Was dilemmaing for Nando's or Manhattan Fish Market,
but at last we choosen this.


Me with my Mild Peri Peri chicken. lol.

Baby with her Extra Hot Peri Peri chicken.
Memang very very hot and spicy. =$

Capture by baby. teehee. :)

After satisfied filling our stomache, went to shop around,
but didn't get to see anything that we are fancy to.

We didnt watch movie today too,
because bi wanted to go back early to prepare for tonight.
So what else? Taking picture is a must. lol. :)

I like to take picture that the screen is filled with our both faces,
so that i can set it as the wallpaper in my phone. :)

Baby and me. :)

I am asked to pose. lol.


We went back earlier to bi place today,
because bi organised a birthday party for me tonight.
As i said just now, bi wanted to get back and prepared earlier.
So i sent bi back and she dont allowed me to stay there,
so i went to pool with JK and Roger. lol.
Okey, lets forward to the night.

Setting up fire for BBQ.
And a part of the bbq food.

This is what bi had been preparing and making it to suprise me....

Oreo Cheese Cake !
Bi learned and make this by her own to suprise me on my birthday. :D
Awww~ This is just so sweet. hehehe. :)

Baby light the cake and suprised me. :D
This picture is so natural, credits to Shirleywong. :)

But because the fridge at bi house is not cold enough,
the cake melted then bi go buy another cake at Secret Recipe for me. ><
But i still ate and prefer the cake that bi make for me. :)

I'm officially 19 years old now !! :D

Bi bought me a wallet and gave me a birthday card.
I like it so much bi. :)
And also the cake and mushroom soup. hee. :D

A water bottle from Shirleywong.
Glad you know i love Manchester United. :D
Thanks sis, and also the ice cream. :)

Red Wine from David.
Thanks bro. :)

I got a very happy and unforgettable 19th birthday.
Thanks to everyone who wishes me and celebrated with me. :)

And lastly,
thanks for everything that you did for me baby.

I love it very much and i appreciate it. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Futsal Tourney 2009.

We participated the China-Press Futsal Tourney.
Last year was the first year we participated in this tourney,
and this is the second year we participated.

Our team - Blizzard. :)

From top left and bottom left:
Munhoe, Me, Alex, Cheeseng,
Stanley, Liang, Guan.

The banner of our team from baby.
Bao Feng Xue a.k.a Blizzard.

Bi purposely draw that banner to give us a 100% support.
She draws the banners for the whole night before the day of our competition.
Thanks baby. :)

We departed around 7.20am from Cheras to Ampang Soccer Planet.
Because we have to register before 8am in the morning.
And of course baby went there with me to support me, and us. :D
Adelynn, Yudong, Inn tagged along too. :)

After the first match. Candid by bi.

First match was a 1-1 draw.
We were trailing by 1 goal at the opening of the match.
Its my mistake of losing the ball, and so the opponent scored.
But Liang equalised it to 1-1 just right before the match ends.
We got 1 point from the first match.

Sweaty me with bi. :)

The second match,
We were looking good in the first half, 0-0.
but after i subs. out in the second half,
we conceeded 3goals and lost 0-3. -.-
And of course this make us cant make it into the next round.
Kinda dissapointing, but its ok.
We will improve better and participate again next year, perhaps. :)

Baby wanted to eat Bak Kut Teh so much,
but its hard to get it around 1pm in Cheras.
Drove around and still cant look for it.
Called Alex and ask where got Bak Kut Teh at this time.

And i found it at Taman Len Sen. :D

Taman Len Sen Bak Kut Teh.
The soup is very tasty and yummylicious.
But the soup its limited one. lol -.-
Because the tauke said,
' my soup all is all pure soup boiled from meats, no MSG one. '
But seriously its delicious and reasonable la.
Rate: 8/10

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas !!
A celebration that everyone would be celebrating.
Btw, alot of people thinks that Christmas is Christian new year,
you guys are totally wrong. lol.
Eventho if a chinese whom is a Christian,
we do celebrates Chinese New Year too.

Its Christmas eve!
Finally my baby came back to KL from her hometown today.
Its been a month since the last we met.
We will be celebrating our first Christmas together.
I went to pick bi early in the morning.
We went to have Pan Mee for our brunch.
Later on went back home to get prepared,
Then we headed to Times Square. :D

In the car. :)

I saw this Alam Flora mobile opposite the Pudu Jail,
This road vacuum mobile is very cute lo seriously. lol. :)

I love our tee so much! :D

We asked Adelynn to help us to buy movie tickets earlier,
then we met her up and get our movie tickets.
We headed straight to the cinema after we reached,
because is time to watch movie. :)

This movie its a real BLAST !
They deserve to get the best movie of 2009.
It's a must watch movie people !
Rate: 10/10

I like this pics very much. heehee ! :)

We shop around after the awesome movie.
Baby bought a Christmas gift for my mom too.
Then i bought baby a dress too,
and me myself got 1 top too. Huhu. :)

Merry Christmas bi. :)

The arrow makes mistake ! lol.

This is the Christmas gift from my baby. :)
I like it so much, so comfortable. :)

Kesayanganku. :)

We headed to Cowboy for our dinner.
There is so many people,
until we have to wait to be seated.

i guess everywhere is croweded on the eve.

Cowboy Western.

My Tenderloin Steak with Lamb chop.
The lamb chop its very tasty.
Rate: 7/10

Baby's Grill Ostrich with Tiger prawns.
They have Ostrich there uhh. not bad. lol.
Bi said its nice. :)

I had a very blessful and happy Christmas this year. :)
How about you? :)
Wishing everyone having a blissful and peace Christmas.
God bless you and everyone. :)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice.

Today is the Tong Yuen day.
A day which all family members gathers for a dinner,
then have a bowl of Tong Yuen together. :)

Yes, i love to eat Tong Yuen.
But i prefer the plain Tong Yuen,
which means the one with no fillings inside. :D

I am the only one who loves to eat Tong Yuen in the house.
So mummy makes Tong Yuen for me today. :)

The must have 4 colours of Tong Yuen,
Red, Green, Yellow, White.

After been boiled and cooked in sweet pandan soup,
a bowl of sweet bouncy juicy Tong Yuen. :D

Happy Winter Solstice peoples. ;)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Star Live Concert 09.

Star Live Concert is a concert organised by NTV7.
Featuring artist from HK, Taiwan, China, and also our local artistes.
The concert venue is at Bukit Jalil outdoor carpark.
Thanks to Liang for the free ticket,
therefore all of us went to watch it. :)

We departed around 730pm to Tasik Selatan,
and then we take LRT to Bukit Jalil.
Its been a long time we havent took LRT together edy.

Waiting for LRT. :D

Sei gay lou. lol.

Me and Siwen.

Liang and Alex.

The concert starts at 830pm,
we just reach there just in time.
But its already people moutain people sea when we reached.
I forgotten to bring my camera,
thats why didnt capture any nice picture of it.

The stage is very nice.

The both MC.

Richie Ren is the first singer.
i used to like him alot,
when he is acting in a Momocha movie with Sammi Cheng,
the movie which shooted in Pulau Redang.
I guess all of you all watched that movie before right?

Liu Li Yang, a artist from China.
she got a nice voice and sings well.
Started to like her songs now.
Last but not least,
Kelly Chen, a very famous artist from HK.
I guess most of you all know who is it.
She's is just awesomeee.

Too bad we missed the fireworks when the closings,
because we go back straight away after the last songs.
But overall i can say that the concert its not bad. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Paul Smith.

Today went to fetch Kien Ning around 2pm.
Then he accompanied me to GC to cut hair.
Wooots! i have the 40% discount card,
so cheap,only cost me around RM20. :)

I wanna buy a new pair of shoes,
because the previous pair of mine has spoiled.
Headed to Liang house and fetch him and went to shop.
Finally i bought a new pair of Paul Smith.
I lke it very much. HAHAHA. :D

My new pair of Paul Smith. :)

Comment pls. :)

At night went for futsal around 8pm.
Shit. today met a noob team that dont know how to play at all.
We gotta train more and more now,
because we are having futsal competition next week.

Bi, they told me that they miss you too bi.
Faster come back baby.
I miss you very much bi.