Thursday, February 26, 2009

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RULES:It's harder than it looks!Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.They have to be real.
Nothing made up!If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Ho Yong Wei.

2. A four Letter Word : Holy. :D

3. A boy's Name : Henry.

4. A girl's Name : Helen. lame name LOL.

5. An occupation : Housewife. my mom occupation :D

6. A color : Henna. Its DarkBrown ! :)

7. Something you'll wear : Hat.

9. A food : Hamburger.

10. Something found in the bathroom : Hand Soap.

11. A place : Holland.

12. A reason for being late : Hanging around.

13. Something you'd shout : Holes. Those big holes while we walking. LOL.

14. A movie title : HarryPotter.

15. Something you drink : HoneyMilk.

16. A musical group : Heartbreakers.

17. An animal : Horse.

18. A street name : Hang Tuah Road. HAHAHA

19. A type of car : Hyundai.

20. The title of a song : HipHopPolice by Chamillionaire :D

People i tagged :
(1) Carmen
(2) Hooi Ling
(3) Jia Min

(4) Khai
(5) Mabel
(6) Mandy
(7) Mei Teng
(9) Park Mun
(9) Shi Yan

(10) Siok Yean

Good luck and enjoy !! :D

Night Market.

Today is Wednesday.
Duhhh.. Class will be from 8am til 3.30pm ! -.-
Attend for the holy moral lecture early in the morning,
We went out about 9am bcz we thought the class has been dismissed.
then we went to Old Town for early tea.
But GU
Lects called the students name 1 by 1 to check and the attendance.
But we're not there already. =.=
which means we will be ticked as ABSENT !! =S
Nvm laa, just 1st time for moral mer.. :)
Aaaaaaa..!! Next Wednesday its Moral presentation day liao. =S =S =S

After Old Town,
attend for DM lecture and tutorial classes till 3.30pm.
Met the lame kaki Teng after class, went to MPH.
Chat with Teng while then followed WeeWee them for another lectures. LOL.
Bcz 5 of us going to pasar malam together mer.
Long time dint go pasar malam edy loh. :D
Before going to pasar malam, cam dah nak hujan ni.
Sky dah black black, but still we are going.
Walk till to the another end to eat Pan Mee.
Sebelum we order, the rains pours already. HAHAHA :D
Lucky we are sitting below the shades jor.
This aunty pan mee got sell Curry Pan Mee. o.o
But i dint eat the curry one la.
Makan till the rains stop.
Ohyaaa! Met dou Hooi Ling at pasar malam. Nyeahahaha :D
We almost cant recongnise each other. LOL.
We stared at each other for few secs, until she said,
'' YongWei ahh??! ''

Before back, went to the Pet Shop.
4 of them are really pets lovers. LOL.
WeeWee said the Chi Hua Hua is my son.
Bcz we got the same colours of hair. HAHA.

This is WeeWee and me :D
Have a nice day. LOL

Friday, February 20, 2009

Business Test.

Business test on today.
therefore today i woke up at 8am to do my revision. =S
Hmmm.. study lec notes, study tutorial. Get myself prepared and go fetch Ding at 11plus.
Dah la aku membuat revision semalam dan pagi ni, tapi pun tak macam banyak input.. =S

Get myself prepared and go fetch Ding at 11plus.

We went to Tmn Segar Maxis Center to meet up Alex and AwYuan,
because Alex gota go and check what happen with his ph bills.
His ph bills this month RM900+... =S

Me..!! :D
*Thanks to AwYuan for capt. & Siok for editing.:)

We went to connaught yamcha awhile while waiting for Alex gf habis skolah.
Went to Station 1 for lunch together. JK with his gf came to join us a while then
The set lunch noodles taste good but den manyak PEDAS lerh. !!
JK with his gf came to join us a while.

Station 1.

My gay partner. :D

We ciaos bout 3pm, i go to college for my business for exam.
Went in to audi hall, meet La'Dota inside audi.
Revise abit again bfore the test start on 5pm.
The test at exam hall, sumore when inside its so HOT !!
Bout 10mins later, the staff only come and on the aircond. -.-
Lucky, i think i did the test quite okkey! huhu :D
I bought the taufu fah again.
I just can't resists..!! LOL. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Second Home.

It's Wednesday.
Attend for 8am moral lecture class.
So sien stuck in the traffic jam every 8am class.
Use the Phoenix highway confirm JAM !
Use another road through Len Sen also JAM ! -.-
Normaly i takes bout 12-15min to reach my college,
but on every mon and wed i out from my house on 7am thn bout 7.30 only will reach.
Nxt time i try to out at 6am see will jam anot.

SausageMcMuffin + HarshBrown + Coke :D

After class, went to my favourita to have our brunch , McDonalds.
Spending quite a long time chatting together at there.
Something funny happen i remembered today.

, Shirley
You all wanna see some magic tricks anot? *rubbing his hand*
What magic tricks o?
Moh Sut Ham Zhu Sau ah? (read it in cantonese)
Us : ahahahaha :D

After our brunch, JW,Shirley and Eunice went to Midvalley.
The guys went to CC for dota -.-
Aku pun tak dota punya mer.
Go back to my second home ba which is MPH(Multi Purpose Hall).
Why my second home?
Because its a place i will visit everyday and spend time at there. =S

Meet Roong,WC,Nicole and meet Mei Teng and the boyf there.
Play futsal,badminton and basketball for the whole day.
Same goes for yesterday. *Exausted*
Ohya, play badminton and basketball too with MT.
She's damm gao siu lah. Satu lagi lame kaki of mine. lmao.
' herh herh , small kid '. (Siok inside jokes) HAHAHA. :D

Who loves to eat Tau Fu Fah ?
In the afternoon, outside the Tmn Connaught Maybank,
there is a very nice tau fu fah lerh !
So SMOOTH and so ZHENG !
Only RM1.40 !!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dim Sum.

Its the 1st day of a new week , Monday.
As usual, woke up pretty early to attend for the 8am moral class.

After the class its bout 9.30am and we got no more class later on.. huhu :D

So its time to discuss where to have breakfast.

Shirley suggest KFC because she have the breakfast coupon,

Wen suggest Pan Min,
But our last decision was Pan Min, ' Mui Yi Pan Min ' . :)
All was saying walk there because it was not far away from our college but due to Malaysia NICE weather, menaiki kereta is always the smartest choice. lol wtf. :D
But guess what? The shop were closed , i think its Mui Yi off day. LOL.
So our breakfast changed to be DIM SUM. huhu :)

Candid-cam !

Teh cina baik utk kesihatan anda.

" herh ! I dont want to choi you! "
Does the caption match to the pic above?
Joking. :)

ME! :D

Habis makan dah. :)

Ohhya ! We saw this fella with a real pink coloured hair.
He's makan-ing dimsum too. :)

After finish breakfast, we wanted to back to the library to do revision.
Because Business test is on this friday and the very good boy me havent study anything of it. =S
The girls walks back to college because they wana go to the pets shop.
So we meet at the library.

Semua kononya sedang membuat revisi.

Fui on the half way already went to Old Town yamcha and dagei.
I stay like 2 hours in the library,
then Roong called me to go to MPH to play futsal.
I went to join him lo since its so bored in the library. Haha =S
The rest wanted to came to MPH for badminton but there were a inter-class competition in the hall so we couldnt play in the MPH hall.
So, our next stop is going to Angkasa Condo to play badminton. huhuhu.
Me and the 3 girls walks there while Fui and BT went to changed and takes the badminton equipment.

Waiting them to come.

TaDaa ! Tai lou is here. :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009


My tears are rolling.
My family have a problem.
A quite serious problem.
Tts my family matter but i couldnt help anything.
I feel im useless..

Im no more young lil boy..
I gota be independent.. !

Mom, i promise you..
I will study hard..
I really will concentrate on my studies..
And I know i always demand for this and that..
I wont waste money edy also..
I know i always gik you and quarrel with you.
Im sorry mummy.
I know u scold me is for my good.
I always complain that u nag of this and that,
but i know its just because u love me thats why u will worried of me..
You always dont like i go out till late night, its bcz u are worried.
But still u allow me to bcz you know i wants it.
No matter how late i go and how tired you are,
you will still wait till i came back..
Mom, i m sorry making you worried of me and sorry for the mistakes i do..
I will change, i will study hard .. !!
I used to say i love you to you always when im young..
But i started not saying it when i grows up..
I know you loves to hear me saying i love you..
I will said it often to you mom.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


The new colour.

Hellow peoples. Good evening. =S
It's Valentine day woh.. The 214.
Wishing everyone Happy Valentine's.
And hope all the couples enjoy the 214 today.

Yang singles pun boleh celebrate with friends or family ma. :)
As for me... huhuu..
It's kinda bored actualy, ntg much to do. :S
But i do celebrate too ma !
Celebrated at college playing badminton and basketball with Fai. wtf. lol. -.-

Lai & Siok,
Khai & the gf,
Alex & Siwen,
Shirley & the boyf,
Mei Teng & the boyf,
Carmen & the boyf,
Yoro & Tutu,
Jimmy & the gf,
Hooi & the gf,
Mun & Hooi Ling,
Shi Yan & the boyf,
Have a wonderful time together and stay sweet,happy & lovely always.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gold-ish to AP SI CHENK.

Went to Alex house early in da morning to dye hair.
Fetch Ding along too bcz wana go take the SPM cert today.
Reach Alex house bout 9am. @@
Then he started to bleach my hair.
Actualy i wanna colour the 'AP SI CHENK' colour.
But den have to bleach before dye-ing the colouring it.

After twice time of bleaching :

Still very gold-ish.
Actualy need to bleach 2 times more.

But den, my hair is damaging edy. =S

So, straight away dye the colouring liao.

GUESS WHAT..?!?!?!!

After the colouring :

Aaaaaaaaa.... !!
I dont want gold-ish.... T.T

Fine. Im with the yellowish gold head now. LOL -.-
Go back to my secondary to collect my SPM cert.
Kononnya SPM cert ,result sia sui betul. =.=


Went to have lunch with Ding and KL ---> PAN MEE @ Tayton.
Back to college for Business Class at 4pm.
Jiawen also asked me to dye another colour.
After class back home.
Then terus go get my 'AP SI CHENK' and dye myself.
Taaa Daaa... !!

After dye-ing myself again:
The pic look soh abit bcz just bath ma :D

How how ??
Better thn the gold-ish one isnt it?
ahahahaha :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

CNY Extravaganza

Got up today about 9+am today,
get prepared and mom fetch me to college.

Because she wana use the car today.

Meet Jiawen,Shirley,Eunice @ Old Town for early tea.
English Foundation test 1 on 11am,
Steady la the test...! :D

Wanna play badminton at MPH after test,
but den the MPH is preparing for tonight CNY Extravaganza. and Fai go have lunch.
After lunch bout 3pm, called mom to fetch me up.
I'm going for the CNY Extravaganza tonight.

Went to fetch Shirley at 6.30pm,
But i dunno how to go to her house,
so she waited me at 7-11 somewhere near her house.
Then we terus headed to college lo,
The time we reach college were almost 7pm edy.
Texted JiaWen whether she bought us tickets anot,
But she and Eunice were at BT house waiting for BT and Gan to get prepared.
So we bought ticket our own.
While waiting for they all to come,
What else to do? haahaa.
Camwhore with shirley ! :D

Sorry la act cute -.- lol.

Hahaa. this look better. :D

Tingginyaaa... 180cm? lol.

After 4 of them came,
then we went into the hall bcz 7.30pm start ma.

I was like ' Wah..!! GOOD...! '
Because got aircond woh ! :D
Usually when secondary that time the stupid hall got no aircond one. =S
Hot dou sei -.-

Lion Dance, 1st performance.

Chinese Orchestra

It's my secondary school chinese orchestra leh,
SMK Tmn Connaught. hahha:D

Although it got ntg to do with me laa.. haahaa :D

Next is the Chinese Martial Arts performace,
but eh.. why got 1 ang mo(kuai lou) one ? =S
not chinese meh..?
haahaa :D
The show was not bad but still,
its kinda bored leh and stomach is starving leh. *.*
We ciaoz on the interval.
Went to Al-Barkath, that aneh mamak to yamcha.
Teh ais x mau teh + roti canai x mau roti 1 pls. :D hahha..
Camwhore with JiaWen at mamak. :)
Actly we camwhore kinda alot but den we only manage to get 2. =S
Because of the babi lampose so anooying.

JiaWen. haaha.


Went back home bout 11+.
Kinda tired but still enjoys today. :D
Good night. God Bless You.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Blog , Fresh Start :D

Hellow peoples !
New Blog , Fresh start.
I will try my best to update my blog frequently !
Steady ! :D

I quit my wretch blog is because,
Ms.Jia Wen asked me to come to blogspot !
ahahaha :D

I am still managing the blogs.
Kinda diffrent from wrtech.
Stay tuned ! :D