Sunday, August 30, 2009


I am not at home for this 5days,
because went overnight at baby place,
therefore i cant make any updates.

Sunday, which is merdeka eve.
Dint sleep for the whole night,
was pillow talking with bi till morning.
Then suddenly Yoro called me around 930am,
so asked him to have dim sum for breakfast togehter.

Connaught Dim Sum. :)

Yoro. :)

Baby. :)

and me. :D

Yoro said this is beautiful. lols.

After breakfast, we planned for a movie later.
Went back to bi place for bath and rest a while.

Me, Alex, Yoro. :D

Yoro and Alex came fetch me around 3pm,
bi cant make it to go with us,
bcz have to wait her bro to bring her stuff.
Then we headed to Midvalley for movie.

Aaron Kwok new movie.
this is a boring shit movie. -.-
Rate: 2/10

After movie, went to pick Bi and Lynn.
Then we headed to Langat Hill for countdown,
but due to some reasons we changed our venue.
We went to Saga Hill for our dinner and countdown.

My pasta with large prawns, scallops & bacons.
I dont really like the sauce for the pasta,
but the bacons is nice.
Rate: 5/10

Bi spring chicken with prawns.
Tender spring chicken,with prawns and fries.
So so, not bad.

Rate: 6/10

Guess what,
the buildings blocks the view of fireworks. wtf. -.-
We only manage to watch the one at Genting Highlands.
At least better than nothing rite? :D
Have a great night with bi and friends. :):)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Otai Burger Ayam Special.

Went to fetch Ding around 430pm,
headed to college to pay my school fees.
that time i start to not feeling well edy,
was like wanna throw out like that.
Then went to Fireball with him,
and straight away i went to the toilet and puke.
Hmmm.. then i feel a lil better and play pool lo.
After 3 games, i feel so dizzy and i beh tahan edy.
Went to Old Town to have a drink and sit,
and i went to the toilet and puke once more. :S

I have been not playing futsal for 3weeks coz of leg injury.
Then im fully recovered now and have futsal tonight.
But then i cant play at all bcz once i run i felt dizzy. T_T
End up i dint play but sitting there watch them playing.
Dont know whats the reason i vomitted 4time today. :(

When we said burger, we think of Mcdonalds.
How long have you not tried the malay stalls burger?
I bought this one nearby my house.

Have tried it last time and its vry nice. :)

Otai Burger Ayam Special.
The taste is still as nice as last time.
Juicy chicken burger wrapped with egg,
topping with cabbage, chilli sauce and creamy mayonis. :)
Rate: 8.5/10

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Outing day with,
Danny, Meiteng, Yishan, Siang, Reagan, Kiatzai. :)
We met at Midvalley around 130pm,
but meiteng, reagan and kiatzai are the late comers loh.

Before went to met them,
i went to GC for a haircut,
bcz the thickness of my hair is killing me.
After done hair cut when i go get my car,
i saw this thing at my car windscreen.

Hmmm.. dont know what is it?

Now u can see clearer.
kena saman wor. babi -.-

Kompoun RM100 somemore,
i not gonna pay. -.-

then after met them up at Midvalley,
we went to KimGary for our brunch.
Its Spaghethi day today. Lets see. :)

Danny with his tomato steak spaghethi. :)

Shan with her black pepper steak spaghethi. :)

Me with my tomato pork chop spaghethi. lol.

Meiteng with her fried spaghethi.
Pics above is her leftover. lol. :D

Habis makan then went to buy movie tickets.
Decided to watch this movie.

That girl is really pretty and hot. :D
Quite a entertaining movie.
Rate: 7.5/10

Before movie, waiting for movie time. :)

Me and Meiteng. :)

After the movie,
were hanging around the mall for a while.
Then headed to Yulek for steamboat.
Lets pics do talkings now. :):):)

Its raining heavily when we're on the way there.

The two moi. :)

Reagan. :)

Me and Kiatzai. :)

Shan, Kiatzai, Meiteng. :)

Meiteng is peeping who i sms to. lol. :D

Herbal and Tomyam soup. :D

Sedap! Best!

Lou yee min. :D

Kiat, me and Danny. :D

Group pics. 7 of us. :D

The steamboat was really nice,
the tomyam banyak chi gik lo. :D
but was not really full only.

Headed back to Connaught,
wanted to go to pasar malam.
But den tak jadi bcz suddenly rizzling.
Then went to yamcha at Old Town bfore went back. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Laughing Gor.

Fetched baby around 1230pm today.
Went to have our brunch nearby Connaught.
Its just a normal kopitiam only,
but the Char Kuey Teow is quite well known.

The aunty with the red cap and the stall. :)

Char Kuey Teow.
Its very tastylicious and reasonale price. :)
served with eggs, preserved meats, and 4 fresh prawns.
Only RM4.00. :)
Rate: 9/10

After finished our brunch,
headed to Leisure Mall for movie.
On the way there, we saw this.

Yes, its just a normal Alphard.
Spot the unusual thingy?

Its the P sticker.
This car stick the P sticker outside the windscreen.
Bcz their windscreen is tinted 100% black. lol.
My first time seeing people stick it outside the windscreen.
HAHAHAHA. :):):)

I wanted to watch this movie since it released.
Indeed its a very BEST movie. :):):)
Rate: 10/10

I getting so excited after watching it. lols.
Bcz i banyak likey this type of movie.
I will get a DVD and watch it again. lol. :D

Me and bi. :)

After movie, went back to bi place.
Bi is going back to hometown today. =/
Around 7pm, went to have dinner with bi.
After dinner, sent bi to Tasik Selatan.

I will be missing you very much baby.
Muax muax. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hmm. woke up around 1pm today.
Very long dint sleep till so late edy. lols.
Around 2pm went over to baby place.
Then went out have lunch together with Danny.
Went to have Chicken Rice,
its not nice and not worthy at all.
Thats why no pictures of it.

Headed to JUSCO Cheras Selatan.
Never been there with bi,
so went there for movie this time.

This is not a ghost movie, but a horror movie.
Its about a psychotic girl and murdering.
Its a nice movie anyway. :)
Rate: 8/10

The cinema is really freezy cold.
Nearly freeze my balls out. lol. :D
After movie, headed to Fireball with Alex and Yoro.
Then sent bi back and back home. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Times Square.

After rotting few day at home.
Its day out with baby. :D
Went fetch dear around 1230pm.
Bought bi desert that i cooked for her. :)
Sad thing was my hair today is so damm kao. :/

That's me of the day. lols.

First plan was going to Midvalley,
but since we go there always,
then bi said wanna go to Times Square.
So it is Times Square. :D
Reached there and go collect our movie tickets.
Then its time to feed our stomache. :)
Decided to went to Bar-B-Q Plaza for our brunch. :)

A meal for both of us. :)

A better view of it. :D

We are enjoying our meal slowly,
until we dint realise its time for movie. :S
Then quickly finished and went in to the cinema.
Its okay, its just 5minutes late. ;)

G.I. JOE: The Rise Of Cobra.
Finally i watched this movie.
This is the real movie bomb.
If you think Transformers its 10/10,
then i would rate this: 15/10 :D

After movie shopping around with bi.
Walking around cant find anything nice.
But at last bi got a dress. Nicey. :D

Headed back to Yulek for dinner.
We saw there are alot of hawkers there.
So we eat there. huhu. :)

Bi with her Fish Ball Noodles.
Bi said its simple but nice. :)
Rate: 7/10

Me with my Curry Chi Cheong Fun.
The curry taste its abit light but its ok for me. :)
Rate: 6.5/10

Its rainy cat and dogs after we finished our dinner.
Went over bi place before i went back home. :)
Another very happy day with bi. huhu. :D