Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am off to Kelantan tonight to baby hometown. :)
Train at 8.30pm tonight, will be back after 4-5days.
Walah! First time will catch a long journey train alone.
Bye bye friend. :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ministry Of Sound.

Sorry friends for not been updating for weeks.
Was busy with my finals last week.
Done my last paper last friday and 2months holiday started.

Okay, back to last friday night.
Since we finished our finals and also Kaisiang birthday eve,
we planned for a party that night.
Adelynn, Inn, Yudong, Shermaine, Kaisiang, Baby and me.
Headed to MOS Euphoria @ Sunway around 11pm.

MOS Euphoria.

Baby and me. :)

Kaisiang and Inn.

Adelynn and bi.

Absolute Vodka & Chivas.

Sedap oh..!! :)

My sexay baby. :D

Bi and Inn.

This is Yudong, Inn's boyf. :)

Adelynn and Shermaine.
Look at lynn. lol. :D

My sweetheart.

Everything is fun and smooth until,
Yudong and Kaisiang got really drunk. ><

Kaisiang drunkass. lol.

It wasnt a very good night,
because Yudong was seriously drunk.
Drunk till he puke and slpet on the floor,
he totally got no energy and needed peoples to drag him. duh -.-

The music in the club is all technos,
i will more prefer if its R&B.
But overall the place and enviroment is very nice and comfortable,
the airconds is cold enough and no smokes odours,
because peoples are not allowed to smoke inside the club. :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby 19th Birthday.

Its bibiku birthday today. :)
Told bi last night that i cant make it out today to celebrate her birthday,
actually its to give her a SUPRISE laa. :D
Woke up in the morning and get prepared,
then went to buy flowers and cakes,
then headed to bi house without her knowing. :D

When i reached, bi its still in her pajamas. :D
I light the cakes outside the house,
then went in suprised her with the cakes,
and sang the birthday song for her,
and gave her the flowers. :D
*thanks to lynn and inn for the coorperation* :)

At night, went to dinner with friends along,
Piong, Lynn, Inn, Shermaine, Siang, Kaeng, Zeon, me and bi.
Went to a Thai restaurant that Piong reccomends at Hulu Langat.
The place its very outlandish but its very comfortable there,
its very similar to a lake restaurant and operated by origin Thai's.

The views of the restaurant.

Me and bibiku.

Bi happily reading the wishes in the birthday card and the gifts. :)

Here comes the food... :D

Mango appetitezer.

Paku goreng belacan.

Seafood tomyam.

Fried fish with dont know what toppings. lol.

Fried chicken with lime leaves.

Ikan bakar with salt and herbs.
Walah. this is the bomb laa.
Thumbs up!!

Crabby crabby. :D
This is very tasty as well.

Salted eggs sotong.
This langsung tak boleh la, very geli. :S

Food there overall its delicious except the sotong la.
The fish and crab is very fresh and tasty. :D
And the prices its quite reasonable as well.
Looking back for a return there. :D

Happy Birthday baby.
Wish you happy always and all your dreams comes true.
I will be with you to celebrate your birthday with you every year.
Hope you got a wonderful and happy 19th birthday.
I love you sweetheart.

Friday, October 9, 2009

4th Monthsary.

Went for Yaki Yaki Japanese Buffet today with bi.
Located at Federal Bowl @ Bukit Bintang.
We went there for the lunch buffet, started from 11am to 2pm.
They are having promotion for lunch and hi-tea buffet now,
its only RM28.90++ per person.

Fresh fruits salad section.

Bi at the Texas BBQ section. :)

Shanghai BBQ section.

Most of the food are used for BBQ,
but the good thing is our body wont have the BBQ odour,
because they have the vacuum above there. lol.

Japanese Prawn Tempura.
I found its really yummylicious. :)

The Japanese Pizza.
This is not nice at all. -.-

Juice blended and cocktails.

Cakes and deserts.

Unlimited of Baskin Robins.
But the flavour of the ice cream is too limited.

Inilah aku. :D
I feed myself full with the BR ice cream. lol.
I think i ate for like 10scoops. :D

Overall the foods are quite okay,
just that less of choices and less of varieties.
I think the dinner buffet will be much more better.

After our so full lunch,
we went to Times Square for a movie.
Purchased tickets for the movie Rebellion.
Rate: 2/10 , a boring movie. -.-

And today is the 4th monthsary for me and bi.
Happy monthsary baby.
I Love You. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

UCSI Parking.

Its not easy to get a parking during weekdays inside UCSI,
if there is no parking then go up to the hill and park your car.
Seriously dont take the risk to simply park your car inside UCSI.
If not your car might be like the Kembara shown below.

Tyre clamping. lol.

When there is a signboard at UCSI saying tyre clamping,
they seriously mean it , dont play play. :D
Pity that Kembara la, gotta pay RM50. lol.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Shoutout.

This actualy its a delayed post,
i should have post this 2 days ago which is on Monday,
but i was too busy with assignments. lol.
Its Miss Hew Mei Teng 19th birthday.
This post its for you la hewmeiteng. :D

The birthday girl. :)

Have a small birthday celebration at Gilly Cafe yesterday.
Friend who attended are:
yishan, reagan, kiatzai, wengchun, chung, wengkit, leklun, steven and the gf.

That's hewmeiteng with oreo cheese. lol.

At here wish you a very happy 19th birthday again la friend.
Be happy and hyper as you always do. :D
Study well and wish you all the best.
Once again, Happy Birthday friend. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rest In Peace.

I have been not updating for more than a weeks.
I went back to penang last Wednesday and came back on Sunday.
This time its not for holiday,
its because my uncle passed away last Wednesday.
Hmmm. my first time seeing a close relative passed away.
Rest in peace uncle.