Friday, July 31, 2009

The Lala Land.

Went to Midvalley with baby today.
Wanted to watch Overheard,
the new released HongKong movie.
But due to the time was not suitable,
so we watched the 2nd choice of movie,
LAND OF THE LOST, and the Lala land. *insidejokes* :D

Me and bi. :)
The only pics of the day.

After buying the movie tickets,
then thiking what to have for our brunch.
Bi said she wanted to eat grill fish,
so we went to the food court and have our brunch.
The famous Portugese Grill Fish in the food court.
No doubt alot people queeing for it.
After our brunch, its time for movie. :)

A very entertaining movie.
Rate: 7.5/10

Altho i felt asleep after the movie started not long,
not because the movie is boring,
i just dont know why i feel so sleepy. :S

Wondering why is Baskin Robbins packed with peoples.
Ohh.. its 31st of July. :)
Since there are a 31% discounts,
me and baby quee for it too.

Baskin Robbins. :)

Crowded. @@

Our Pint size ice cream. :)
Mints ChocolatesChips & Cream Cookies.

Find a seat and slowly enjoy our ice cream.
huhu. :)

Ice cream feeder. :D

Banyak sedap o !! :)

Walked around the mall for a while,
then headed back home.
Went to Econsave to buy some ingredients,
because i gonna cook dinner for bi. :)

The ingredients there is really fresh and cheap.
Headed back to my house to cook and have our dinner. :)
Ita a very simple yet delicious dinner. :D

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Let me start this post with a good news.
There is one cyst in my mom stomache.
My mom had went through the operation this morning.
It is very successfull and she is fine now. :)
Thanks god for the blessings. :)

Attended for the last Malaysian Studies class today.
The final will be on next thursday, 6th of Aug.
Urghhh.. wondering what i have studied so far? :S

Went over to the hospital to visit my mom after class.
After a couple hours, headed back to Connaught.
Went for dinner with dear.
Went to a very simple yet famous noodles stall,
located at Connaught, infront of KK minimart.

The very simple stall.
Why is it famous..??
Because they cooked and fried using charcoals. :)

"Ying Yang".
Fried HorFun and Mihun with gravy.
Simply delicious.
Rate: 8/10.

"Mun Yee Min".
Fried yee min in dry style.
This one just so-so.
Rate: 6/10.

The fried chicken.
Its very tender and juicy.
Rate: 7/10.

Meet up Alex after dinner.
Went to play pool with him a while.
And back home watching dvd with the gf. :)
Good nights.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sushi King Promo.

Attended for the 12pm lecture class,
but den the second lecture at 4pm is canceled. :D
Pick up dear and Adelynn after class around 2pm.
Then we headed to Midvalley. :)

We were cravings for food after we reached,
because 3 of us were empty stomache since this morning.
Were considering of having Sushi, Nando's, or Kenny Rogers.
At last our decision is having Sushi King.

Sushi King is having a promo now.
The buy 1 plate free 1 plate sushi.
1 table is only limited maximum of 5 free plates only.
Which means you buy 10 plates but only pay for 5 plates. :)

Dear's, Unagi Set.
I am one of the Unagi lovers, its delicious. :)
Rate: 8/10.

My set meal.
I forgotten whats the name. :S
Not so nice.
Rate: 5/10.

Adelynn's, Salmon Steak Set.
Very fresh and juicy salmon.
Rate: 8/10

Met Jade at there too. :)
Were full till the max after our meal.
Chit-chatting over there with,
refillable green tea. aaa-Haa !!

Dear and me. :)
lol. caught her laughing. =x

Adelynn and dear. :)

Adelynn and me. :)

Apa muka ni? lol. :S

Were hanging around the mall,
its SALES everywhere right now !!!
I saw a nice shirt at PDI,
but i havent bought it yet. @@

Nike shop @ Midvalley.

The wall of the shop is decorated by,
all Manchester United players poster.
Very nice, its awesome. :)

ManUtd new home kit.

The new ManUtd home kit for 2009/10 seasons.
I want that too, its very nice.
But its a lil pricey, RM269 for 1 of the jersey.

Thats my Monday blues.
Have a nice day. ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hennesy Artistry.

Its 25th July 2009. :)
Here we go to the Hennesy Artistry event,
located at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena.
Thanks to Yishan and her bro who get us an invitation.
Because its an EXCLUSIVE PARTY !! :D

The global art of mixing.

Me, dear, Danny meet up with Yishan,
then followed her bro cars to the venue first around 845pm.
Wengchun, DanielLim, Mia, Steve, & Chung
came by themself to joined us later.
And Tellen(Yishan boyf) came too after finished his work.

We reached there around 920pm.
There are alots of cars and peoples edy.
Searched for a parking and headed to the entrance.

The entrance. :)
Settled our pass procedures and went in to the party. :D
Pictures will do most of the talkings. ;)

Its really huge and classy. :D

This is me. :)

Me and Danny. :)

Me and dear. :)

Me and Shan. :)

Dominique Tsai with the dancers.
She's a sexy singer.

Huhu. :)

Wengchun, dear, me, Danny. :)

The crowds.

Wengchun and Danny. :)

Mia, Yishan, Dear.
Look at Shan. lolsss. tomato? :D

Homies - Hip-hop group from Taiwan.
They are pretty awesome !

Me and Mia. :)

Baby and me. :)

DanielHo and DanielLim. :D

Yishan and the boyf Tellen. :)

Wooooo o.o!

Kantoi !!
Kena tangkap. hahahahaa :D

Tipsy tipsyy edy. @.@

With the pouncer. lol :D

Look at Danny and Wengchun. lol.

Shan, me, Tellen, Wengchun. :)

They greet me with middle finger. hahaha. -.-

I were gettin really tipsy and gettin high,
after alots of cup of Hennesy. huhu. :D

Acting stupid with Wengchun. lolsss. :D

Awww.. baby is just so sweet. :):):)

Wooootssss. :D

Candid by Wengchun. :D

Look at me. lol. :S
Drunk already. @@

I remembered i cant even walk straightly. HAHAHA.
And they told me that i was damm hyper. @@
My dear was really pissed about me that time,
but still she taking care of me whole night. aww.. :)
Thanks baby for taking care of me whole night.

Red hair, Gold hair, Black hair. LOL. :D
Pictures taken when i am drunk before we left.

We leave around 3am.
We saw a crew of RELA lying on the floor,
he's been knocked down by a car,
driven by a mabuk fella.
And we hearing people yelling for ambulans. @@

We headed back to Connaught.
Went yamcha at Maideen mamak around 4am with,
Shan, Tellen, DanielLim, Wengchun, Danny and dear.
After yamcha then Danny sent us back home.

When reached home,
dear only realise then my wallet is missing.
I were still tipsying so i dont bother much.
Dear was worried about my ATM card and cant sleep. T.T
Guess what, a staff from Maideen named Ali.
Called me at 630am and he said he picked up my wallet.
I wonder how he get my number huh?
I told him i will go over tomorow to get back my wallet.

I went over today to get back my wallet.
Listen! This is miracle.
My wallets got around RM200.
But when i get it back today,
there is nothing missing including my cash.
This guy Ali is just so kind, thanks very much.

Hennesy Artistry party is awesomeee. :D
Really enjoyed the party last night with my baby and friends.
Huhu. :):):)

P/S: More pictures at my FACEBOOK. :)