Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunway Pyramid.

Its another great weekend Saturday.
Went to pick up baby around 930am with mom and aunts.
Then we headed to Yulek for dimsum as our breakfast.
And accompanied mom and aunts to market before sending them back.

Baby and me. :)

Later after sending mom and aunty back home.
Me and bi headed to Sunway Pyramid for shoppings. :)
Recently i got so many movies that i wanted to watch,
yet i havent got the time to watch it.
And also today we are going to meet up with LexLexy & Bell. :D

The couples, BellLexy. :)

Me and bi went to buy movie tickets while waiting for them to come.
Wanted to look and shop for some apparels,
but couldn't found any that i really like.
After met up with the couples, then went to movie together.

From Paris With Love.
A movie starring John Travolta.
A simple story line action pack movie.
Travolta has a good sense of humour.
A not bad movie i can say.
Rate: 5/10

We went to KimGary for yamcha after our movie.
After hours chilling at there,
we headed to Asia Cafe to play pool togehter with BellLexy.
Very nice meeting them and hanging out together with them. :)