Sunday, August 16, 2009


I’ve abandoned my blog for quite some time.
Because previously was busy with finals.
And there are problems with me and my mom,
that make me really stressed up more.
Finally the problems is solved. :)
So i can make updates now oftenly. :D

Pic above is showing my mood. :D

Baby came back from hometown today.
Finnaly i can meet bi after 10days. T.T
Mom's wanted to meet my bi today.
Bi is really nervous meeting my mom.
Hmm.. its normal lo, first time ma. :)

We have lunch together today at Old Town.
Bi was really NERVOUS meeting my mom.
Glad that they can get along well. :):):)
So have our lunch and chit chating there.
Mom and bi get to know each other now. huhu.
I'm vry happy bcz mom likes bi vry much too. :)
Everything is going so smooth and GREAT !!! :D

After lunch, mom went back home.
Me and bi headed to Leisure Mall for a movie.

Tracing Shadow.
This movie to me is just so-so lo,
but bi said its nice.
Its a comedies movie,
but its not really funny lo. :S
U can catch IMMITATION JetLi, JackieChan, AndyLau and,
JAY CHOU inside the movie. LOLS. HAHAHAHA.
I would rate it: 5/10

Ohyaa, baby had rebonding her hair.
It look pretty good on her.
I LIKEY very muchi oh !! :D :D

Baby with her new hairstyle. :):):)

After movie, hand around the mall for a while,
then went to Watsson's to get some stuff.
Then headed to McDonalds met up Ade and Inn.
Lastly, pictures of the day.

Me and bi. huhu. :D