Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Shoutout.

This actualy its a delayed post,
i should have post this 2 days ago which is on Monday,
but i was too busy with assignments. lol.
Its Miss Hew Mei Teng 19th birthday.
This post its for you la hewmeiteng. :D

The birthday girl. :)

Have a small birthday celebration at Gilly Cafe yesterday.
Friend who attended are:
yishan, reagan, kiatzai, wengchun, chung, wengkit, leklun, steven and the gf.

That's hewmeiteng with oreo cheese. lol.

At here wish you a very happy 19th birthday again la friend.
Be happy and hyper as you always do. :D
Study well and wish you all the best.
Once again, Happy Birthday friend. :)