Thursday, March 4, 2010

Genting Trip.

Hello? I guess my blog is dead now.
So i am coming back for some updates now. lol.

Yes, last week i went to Genting Highlands.
Not with family neither friends,
but its with my baby this time. :D
Our first time been to Genting together. :)

First pictures of the day. :)

Baby. :)

KTM arrived.

We didnt drive there,
because i am not quite clear with the roads,
and also its kinda dangerous to drive all the way there.
First we take a train to KL Sentral,
then from there we get a bus to Genting. :)

We arrived KL Sentral around 11.30am.
But the earliest bus was on 2pm,
other earlier bus had been sold out.

Guess what.
There are extra sits in the 12pm bus.
And we make it for the 12pm bus. :D

We arrived at the Genting Skyway around 130pm. :)

Kisses in Skyway. :)

And we are at Genting Highlands. :D

Aww. I love this. :)

Genting First World.

The Ferris Wheel.
Tell me its nice! lol.

After have a walk around and taking pictures,
went to shops with baby. :)
And i got myself 2 tops from PDI.
Bi choosen that for me, i like it. :)
Then our stomach is callings,
cravings for food and we choosen this one,


Walah. Tower Burger, no.4 in the menu.
Its really bestt. :)

Full satisfication with a cup of coke. :)

Baby is at Paris. lol.

And a Ribena caterpillar. :D

Ohh. and we met Zeon working at Poney. :)

First World Hotel.

The outdoor theme park. :)

Me and baby. :)

And then we went to the indoor arcade center.
We played this wheel of fortune.

And i won a Allie pencil case for baby. lol.

After few round of playing it,
we got even more things. lol.

Like this. lol.
A pencil case, mirror, wissel and pop corn. :)

The pop corn is better than GSC. lol. :)

Another picture of us. :)

After chilling outside with baby,
we went to have a walk and started to drizzling.
Then me and bi went to Arcade center again. lol.
Not playing this time, but taking pictures. :D

Cool gong! hahaha.

The ugliest mickey i guess. lmao.

Thats me. :)

Elephant rider. lol.

And this is my mek rempit. :D

I really enjoyed and had fun today.
We had a really great time together there.

Perhaps outdoor theme park next time baby?
Space shot baby!! :D