Saturday, March 21, 2009


Han is having his birthday party at his house today.
Went over to his house around 8pm.
When i reach there, i saw a the lok lok car in his house. lol.
Yes, the lok lok that we always use to see in pasar malam.
There are lok lok and also bbq there.

Started eating after all Han's friend reached.
We go for the Chic.Wing first.
But den, after a while
everyone is only eating the lok lok.
Nobody go for the bbq anymore. =S

11pm, watched Fulham v ManUtd together.
Ohyaa, Han and his dad is a big ManUtd fans like me.
Man Utd lost again. T__T
but nvm la, still leading 1 pts and 1 game in hand.
Glory Glory Man Utd. :D


Played TAI WAH SIK and starting drinking.
Have to finish 1 cans in 4 shot.
Khai said, ' yw, 2 cartons is waiting for you. ' -.-
Played with Xiang too.
1 on 1 with him, he's really pro.
1 cans 1 shot. He wana make me KO. -.-

Picture shown above is after i drink like for 1 cartons.
And im done. KO' -.-
My head is so pain until i woke up vomit.
It make me feel better.
But still my head is so damm fucking pain. -.-
Woke up around 11am.
Went to Semenyih for breakfast.
Came back to his Khai house.
Plan to play Futsal in the noon.
Called up Kim Siang and Hin said he's bring a team. O.O
Booked for 2pm at Challenger.
Khai sent me back home around 1.30pm,
to get my stuff for Futsal and drive to Challenger.
We getting really exausted today bcz of last night.
We were tired like shit after 30minutes. -.-
Overall we really have fun for last night and today. :D