Saturday, September 26, 2009

SaVanh Bar.

Danny came and fetch me around 1230pm,
then went to brunch and pool with bi.
Around 7pm, have dinner with bi, Danny, and Piong.
Then headed to Mont Kiara Plaza met up with Shermaine for happy hour.

Me and bi. :)


Piong, me and Danny.


The place there are awesome, its very beautiful and,
they have japanese and koeran restaurants and bars there.
Shermaine still havent reach after we waited her for like 15min,
we called her and she told us that she is waiting at inside already. -.- lol.

SaVan Bar @ Plaza Mont Kiara.
The entrance.

The bars.
Beautiful decorations.

Piong, Shermaine, me & bi. :)

Ohh. look at Danny is peeping at me. lols.

The live band.
They're awesome.!!

Danny is hungry, then i accompanied him for Subway a while.
When i came back, the bands suddenly said,
"this song is dedicated from Cloudy for Daniel,
and her message is im sorry baby and i love you."
The song is Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You.

Ohmyhollymamajesuschrist !!!
Im so suprise and so happy and so touched. :):):)
That feeling is so great and sweet and i cant stop smiling. lol.
Thanks everything bi. :)

Then we continue for 2nd round @ Shermaine house.
Her house is so comfy and its like a hotel more then a house. lol.

Piong, Shermaine and the guy with seaweed is Chang Ming.
The new friend funny friendly friend. lol. :D

What you normally see when you open your fridge?
And what you normally get to drink at your fridge?
But you get to see this and get to drink this at Shermaine fridge. lol.

Full of Carlsberg and beers. lol.
The coke is for mixture also de. hahahaha. :D

All were busy playing the Wii.
You will laugh your ass off. hahaha. :D

JackDaniel's not that bad tho the taste.
Match with green tea mixture.

Chang Ming.
He is so thirsty for the whole night long. HAHAHA.
Play what also kena drink.

Jiggameir. A german liqouir.
Jiggameir + Red bull = Jiggaboom. lols.
Taste awesome. :)

Having a great night with bi and friends.
Overnight at maine house,
planned to go a swim the next day,
but then tak jadi bcz raining.