Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Got Ghost?

Outings with baby and friends today.
Went over baby place around 11am.
After everyone get prepared,
5 of us, me, bi, Lynn and her boyf and his friend.
Headed to Midvalley around 130pm,
and went collect our movie tickets.

All of us were dead hungry.
Since everyone have no idea what to have,
i suggest to try out Noodles Station for our brunch.

Me and bi. :)

The new friend Su Te, Wei Li and Lynn. :)

Tom Yam Seafood Fried Rice.
Very yummylicious.
Rate: 8/10

Tom Yam Seafood Noodles.
The soup its very tasty too.
Overall its nice.
Rate: 8/10

Danny and KaiSiang came and join us too.
After filling our tummy, decided to go for bowling. :D
I remember the last time i played was long time ago. lols.

Bibiku. :)

I am the pro bowler. :D

Me and Danny. :)

Me and Kai Siang. :)

♥ ♥

The result.
I won. :D lol.

Accompanied bi and lynn to buy present for their friends.
Then its time for movie. :)

Where Got Ghost?
In this movie, there are 3 short stories.
telling us not to be greedy,
not to take short cuts in life,
and have to respect to the elders.
Overall the movie its still okay.
Rate: 7/10

After movie, met Jade in her shop,
she was looking after her shop.
Thanks for the drink, Jade!! :D
After that, we went back home. :)