Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice In Wonderland.

Its time for me to take off my [P] license.
Which means i gotta renew to my Permanent Driving License. :D
Went over to JPJ at Tmn Permaisuri with baby to settle it. :)
The working staff there are really efficient.
I settle down everything around 30mins. :)
And here's my [P] and permanent driving license.

The pictures is taken on that day.
Freaking 4pcs of photo cost me RM13.
Lucky it do looks good. Worth it. lol. :D

After that, went to PappaRich to have brunch with baby.
Our first time trying out PappaRich. :)

Nasi Lemak with Rendang chicken.
Its a common food but its delicious. trust me. :D

Baby Chicken Chop with fried rice.
Walah. The chicken is very tender and so match with the sauces. :)

Fish Cake.
It might look miserable but dont judge it taste by its look. lol.
But still the one in Tayton is better. :)

The Lychee Soda. :)

After finish our brunch, we then headed to Midvalley.
Same case, its real hard to get a parking there. -.-
Then we went to purchase movie ticket.
But all the showtime for Alice In Wonderland of the day is selling fast,
which means only left the first two row of seats only.
Baby seems dissapointed because,
she wanted to watch the movie so much since it is released.

But guess what, i notice there were still uncollected reservations,
therefore i waited till the reservations tickets is release.
At last i able to bought 2 of the reservation tickets. :D
While waiting for the movie,
went to chill with baby at Little Taiwan.
The drinks there sucks and doest worth the price too. -.-

Baby. ♥

I love my girl. :)

Alice In Wonderland 3D.
Not as what we have expected.
But not bad thou. :)
Rate: 6/10

Our first time watching 3D together. :D

Last but not least,
the idiotic us. :D