Thursday, March 25, 2010

i miss you.

baby, had been 3 days you are not with me..
i feel really sad and suffer when you are not by my side..
i miss you so so much baby..
i dont know how to pass my day,
my 24 hours is more like 24days now..
i lost appetite, i had insomnia, i cant do anything..
i am really afraid of losing you because i really cant lost you..
i really miss you and your presence..

i really realise and awaken of all my mistakes,
i know i didnt do a good bf at all this almost 10months,
i didnt show you how much i cares and appreciate about our relationship,
and i dissapoint you alot of time till you are exhausted,
but baby, i really realise and know about my mistakes,
i really wanted a very very last chance to change everything..
to prove everythng to show you how much i cares and loves you..
i really appreciate and i am very serious in our relationship baby..
please forgive me for the last time and give me the last chance to show and prove everything to you baby..
please dont ever give up baby..

you had gone back to kelantan for few days..
i know you wanted to relax and chill at there..
its ok baby, take good care of yourself..
i will be always there for you..
and i am waiting for you and will be always waiting..
i dont want you to be apart from my life,
i want you back so much baby, i really need you..
i love you baby. now and always..