Friday, December 18, 2009

Paul Smith.

Today went to fetch Kien Ning around 2pm.
Then he accompanied me to GC to cut hair.
Wooots! i have the 40% discount card,
so cheap,only cost me around RM20. :)

I wanna buy a new pair of shoes,
because the previous pair of mine has spoiled.
Headed to Liang house and fetch him and went to shop.
Finally i bought a new pair of Paul Smith.
I lke it very much. HAHAHA. :D

My new pair of Paul Smith. :)

Comment pls. :)

At night went for futsal around 8pm.
Shit. today met a noob team that dont know how to play at all.
We gotta train more and more now,
because we are having futsal competition next week.

Bi, they told me that they miss you too bi.
Faster come back baby.
I miss you very much bi.