Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maxis Broadband.

I am working in PC Fair @ KLCC for the past 3 days,
working as a Maxis Broadband sales promoter.

Our whole team, AXN team. :D

For the first day its really a tough day.
Woke up around 7am in the morning,
because i have to reach at 9am in the morning.
I didnt know eddie, chunkee and meng are working together with me,
until i met them in our early meeting that day.
Lucky still got 3person that i know are working together with me. :)
There are over 70 promoters with 6 different dealers,
standing in a big booth promoting and selling the same thing.
Yea, Maxis Broadband. -.-
As i said, first day is really a tough day,
alot of people didnt make any sales, include me. lol. :S

From left: Meng, Jacky, Chris, Nicky, Mengyee, Eddie, Chunkee.
Jacky is my team leader, the top sales. :3

For the second and third day,
for sure i did quite some sales lo. hahaha. :)
And finally i met Shiyan at the fair too,
and also other friends that didnt meet for a period edy. lol.

Mengyee and me. :)

Nicky and me. :)

The group picture before the fair ends.
Altho this 3 day fair is very tiring and killings me,
but its very fun working with this AXN team.
Nice knowing all of them and working together. :)

"Maxis Broadband free modem, no contract, 7.2mbps" :D