Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas !!
A celebration that everyone would be celebrating.
Btw, alot of people thinks that Christmas is Christian new year,
you guys are totally wrong. lol.
Eventho if a chinese whom is a Christian,
we do celebrates Chinese New Year too.

Its Christmas eve!
Finally my baby came back to KL from her hometown today.
Its been a month since the last we met.
We will be celebrating our first Christmas together.
I went to pick bi early in the morning.
We went to have Pan Mee for our brunch.
Later on went back home to get prepared,
Then we headed to Times Square. :D

In the car. :)

I saw this Alam Flora mobile opposite the Pudu Jail,
This road vacuum mobile is very cute lo seriously. lol. :)

I love our tee so much! :D

We asked Adelynn to help us to buy movie tickets earlier,
then we met her up and get our movie tickets.
We headed straight to the cinema after we reached,
because is time to watch movie. :)

This movie its a real BLAST !
They deserve to get the best movie of 2009.
It's a must watch movie people !
Rate: 10/10

I like this pics very much. heehee ! :)

We shop around after the awesome movie.
Baby bought a Christmas gift for my mom too.
Then i bought baby a dress too,
and me myself got 1 top too. Huhu. :)

Merry Christmas bi. :)

The arrow makes mistake ! lol.

This is the Christmas gift from my baby. :)
I like it so much, so comfortable. :)

Kesayanganku. :)

We headed to Cowboy for our dinner.
There is so many people,
until we have to wait to be seated.

i guess everywhere is croweded on the eve.

Cowboy Western.

My Tenderloin Steak with Lamb chop.
The lamb chop its very tasty.
Rate: 7/10

Baby's Grill Ostrich with Tiger prawns.
They have Ostrich there uhh. not bad. lol.
Bi said its nice. :)

I had a very blessful and happy Christmas this year. :)
How about you? :)
Wishing everyone having a blissful and peace Christmas.
God bless you and everyone. :)