Thursday, February 12, 2009

CNY Extravaganza

Got up today about 9+am today,
get prepared and mom fetch me to college.

Because she wana use the car today.

Meet Jiawen,Shirley,Eunice @ Old Town for early tea.
English Foundation test 1 on 11am,
Steady la the test...! :D

Wanna play badminton at MPH after test,
but den the MPH is preparing for tonight CNY Extravaganza. and Fai go have lunch.
After lunch bout 3pm, called mom to fetch me up.
I'm going for the CNY Extravaganza tonight.

Went to fetch Shirley at 6.30pm,
But i dunno how to go to her house,
so she waited me at 7-11 somewhere near her house.
Then we terus headed to college lo,
The time we reach college were almost 7pm edy.
Texted JiaWen whether she bought us tickets anot,
But she and Eunice were at BT house waiting for BT and Gan to get prepared.
So we bought ticket our own.
While waiting for they all to come,
What else to do? haahaa.
Camwhore with shirley ! :D

Sorry la act cute -.- lol.

Hahaa. this look better. :D

Tingginyaaa... 180cm? lol.

After 4 of them came,
then we went into the hall bcz 7.30pm start ma.

I was like ' Wah..!! GOOD...! '
Because got aircond woh ! :D
Usually when secondary that time the stupid hall got no aircond one. =S
Hot dou sei -.-

Lion Dance, 1st performance.

Chinese Orchestra

It's my secondary school chinese orchestra leh,
SMK Tmn Connaught. hahha:D

Although it got ntg to do with me laa.. haahaa :D

Next is the Chinese Martial Arts performace,
but eh.. why got 1 ang mo(kuai lou) one ? =S
not chinese meh..?
haahaa :D
The show was not bad but still,
its kinda bored leh and stomach is starving leh. *.*
We ciaoz on the interval.
Went to Al-Barkath, that aneh mamak to yamcha.
Teh ais x mau teh + roti canai x mau roti 1 pls. :D hahha..
Camwhore with JiaWen at mamak. :)
Actly we camwhore kinda alot but den we only manage to get 2. =S
Because of the babi lampose so anooying.

JiaWen. haaha.


Went back home bout 11+.
Kinda tired but still enjoys today. :D
Good night. God Bless You.