Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Night at the Museum.

Has been few day i dint went to pool edy lo.
Went to Pool with ManJun,Cloudy,Keat
Then have our brunch at Wok&Roll.
Dated Benni for photoshooting today. :D :D
including ShaoNi & JiaWen too. ^^
Yes, we went to Alam Damai for the shootings.
I will upload the photo once i get it. :)
Thanks for everything Benni. =*)

Me & Cloudy.

Headed back to college after that.
Have a date with Cloudy for movie today.
Went to Leisure Mall at 4pm for the movie.

Night at the Museum 2.
Finally i watched this movie,
since everybody is rating it a good movie.
Not bad not bad.
Its funny and entertaining. :D
Rate: 7/10

She got her ice cream edy. LOL.
The ice cream that i owe her. :)


Anonymous said...

Pui Ying here..
where is my ice-cream??