Friday, July 24, 2009

Football Fridaes.

Muka benggong. :D

Its another Friday. huhu. :)
Went to pick up dear around 11am.
Then we were thinking where to have our brunch.
Since both of us got no suggestions,
we went to have Chicken & Duck rice nearby Taman Segar.
Nothing specials bout it, it just a normal one.

Me and my baby. :)

Since dear is a fans of Harry Potter,
headed to Leisure Mall to catch the movie at 12pm.

HARRY POTTER and the Half Blood Prince.

I am not HARRY fans,
i find that its kinda boring. :S
Just to accompanied my dear to watched it.
So,i would rate it: 2/10. :S

After movie,
met the couple in the mall too. huhu.
Ms.Shirleywong & Dashchen. :)
They are waiting for their movie too.

Went chilled with dear at McDonalds a while.
I have a football match at Saujana on 4pm.
I think it had already 2 years or more,
that i dint play a football match edy.
Yea, u got me right, real big field football.
So, dear accompanied me along. :)

Spot me the number 25. :D

LOL. :)

Picture credits to my dear. :)

Match ended around 630pm,
headed back to dear house for a bath.
Then went pooling with Alex and Kai Ling.