Monday, April 27, 2009

Genting April 09' .

On the way to Genting.

27 April 2009.

Going to Genting Highlands today !!
With Fui,Jiawen,ManJun,Gan,Eunice,Nick & the gf.
ManJun is the driver. Thanks man. :D
We took the Skyway to genting when we arrive the Skyway Station.

At Skyway Station.

Genting Skyway.

Started camwhoring. (:

Arrived at Genting about 12 noon.
Wanted to check-in to our First World Hotel.
There are 300+ peoples infront us of the waiting list.

The guys.

Went to Starbucks while waiting for our turn.
Waited for like 3 hours till our turn. -.-
Went to our room and chill ourselfs and leave our stuff.

Tak henti henti cakap. lol.

Mine , JiaWen & Eunice stuff.
as if like we are going to travel for 2months. HAHAHA.

The girls want to go for shopping.
So we went out to Times Square @ First World.
There is huge Mid-Seasons-Sales now.
Went to SEED. Can't resists with the 50% promo.
Bought myself a long-sleeve shirts. :D :D
I'm the first one whom bought stuff first. =x

I like this so much. ^^

Hehehee. (:

Planned for a movie tonight.
Edison Chen movie, SNIPER @ 9pm.
Went to play Pool after we bought the movie tickets.

Used to play it always when i'm at form1. lol.

Her first time playing. Geng also. ^^

Pro? O.O

Went back to the room after playing Pool.
To bath and freshen up ourself.
Playing & fooling inside the room. Haha. :D

LOL!! :D:D

Just finish bath. =x

Artistic? :D

Our stomach is calling us.
Its time for dinner and movie.

Prepared ourself and get ready to go.

Went to Causeway Bay @ First World for dinner.

The enviroment its not bad but the food is not that good.

Me myself & I.

ManJun & Me.

Eunice & Me.

Our dinner.


After our dinner & movie.
The night its still young.
So it's SAFARI. :D
First time clubbing. lol.

Before clubbing.

Party started 12am.
Started drinking and layan the music.
One shot one shot , bottom up bottom up.
Went to the dance floor.
Crazy shaking & jumping there.
Started to get high and got drunked.
Really enjoyed partying with you guys.
Its really fun and happy.

Drunk. lol.

Me & ManJun.

Catherine & Me.

Party ended around 3.30am.
Went back to the room.

Most of them gone to their dreamland.

Me,JiaWen and ManJun chit-chated till 5ish.

Cant really sleep well.

Woke all of them up bout 7.30am.
Went to Hainan Kitchen for breakfast.

The service there is really bad.
Its time for theme park.
Thanks to Fui friends that get us discounts for the tickets. (:

Queeing up for the Cyclone rides.

Our 1st ride. (:

What next ?

Space-shot !! :D

Say eeeeeeeee. (:

Fairytales Marry-Go-Round ?

The theme park was not really nice.
Because most of the rides are on maintainance.
We only get to play few of it.
After theme park, head back to get our bags and stuff.
Its time to say bye bye to Genting Highlands.

Heading back to Skyway.

Last but not least,
Really enjoyed this trip and spending times together.

Its really a unforgetable memories for me.