Friday, April 10, 2009


Us, 10 Apr 2009.

Have my 1st finals yesterday.
Yes,its English Foundation.
Today is Moral Studies finals.
I think i did well in
Moral Studies paper.

The exam hall. Quite blur. @@

2 down , 2 more to go.
Please end fast !!

Since the next exam its on 16th Apr,which means next Thursday.
So why not lets take a break for a moment? :D
Went to Leisure Mall with JiaWen & Shirley.

Driver of the day.

Reached Leisure about 12pm.
Went to buy ticket for 12.30 movie.
Yes, Fast & Furious 4 !!

Finally i gotta watch it.
Worth watching it. Aint a bad movie.
Vin Diesel rocks man !!

Chilled at a desert shop inside Leisure.
Camwhoring and laughing non stop like nobody business.


MsJia busy eating her desert. (:

Shirleywong. HAHAHA :D

Went to Nike Shop for survey.
Me and MsJia wana get a pair of Nike.
Saw a new arrival one, its only RM189 !!!
Worth it isnt it ?
Dont worry, i will get u fo'sure.

MsJia & Shirleywong.

Me & Shirleywong.

Going back , carpark.

We have to back to college at 4pm.
To attend the last class of Business.
We will miss you Mr.Gilbert !!

Having a great day today.
Good nite people.