Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple Happy Day.

Planned to have a movie with JiaWen.
tagged along too.

Wanted to watch "KNOWING",

But its not showing at Leisure.

Took by Ms.JW

So we went to Midvalley.
There have all the movie we wants to watch.

"Confession of a Shoppaholic"
But den, the showtime doesnt suit us.
Because JW have to go back early today.
So we did not make it for movie.

JW suggest for bowling.
Of course is a big YES !!
But its bowling is fully booked. -.-
So we did not make it for bowling neither.

Took this picture at Speedy.
Do you?

Angel !!!

Went chilled at Little Taiwan.
There is a waiter damm funny one.
3 of us ordered the same drink.

When he serve the 1st drink,
" This is red tea pearl bubble milk tea. "
When he serve the 2nd drink,
" This is also red tea pearl bubble milk tea. "
When he serve the 3rd drink,
" This is also the red tea pearl bubble milk tea. "

Its okey if you think its not funny -.-
but we had a great time laughing there.

Me & JW.

Malaysia Next Top Model ? lol.

Went to The Gardens to jalan jalan.
Started camwhoring from head to toe.
Posting in the public with people walking around.
We 3 had a really good time laughing, camwhoring, acting.
Enjoy the pictures.

Roong , JiaWen, Me. ((:

Im afraid of height !! LOL.

Mass.Comm student. haha.

" We belum ready lagi leh. "

"Okey, we ready edy. " :D

Nike poser. (:

Cool? Hahaha.

This is nice isnt it?


I'm actualy posting like the banner behind. :D

Nice shot !

Having a great simple day.
Good nights.