Sunday, April 5, 2009


My cousie from Canada came back holiday today.
Her flight will be arriving about 4.30pm.
Hence, went to KLIA to pick my cousie with mom.
Reach there about 4.25pm,
Went to check if the flight arrive on time or not.

Me and mom was standing outside the arrival hall.
Mom was so anticipating to see her.
Bcz the last time she came back was 9years ago.
Which means the last time i met her i was just 10yrs old.
We waited bout 45min
bcz waiting for the luggage. ==
Finally we saw her her walking out.
And we gave her a warm hugs.

Saw this stall with full of toys.
Aww. so damm cute ! lol.

Then we headed to PJ for dinner.
Went to have Curry Fish Head.
It's really delicious.

On the way back home,
there was really a bad jam at the Tmn Connaught.
Oposite the Connaught Giant,
I guess there was a kinda serious accident. o.o
Bcz we saw a bus dah terbalik on the road.
A tourism bus. S:
There are ambulance, rescue 999, bomba also.

Drive carefully when you're in the road.
Put on your sitbelts.
And dont lan yeng drive too fast.
You can make the diffrence.