Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tamarind Hills.

Went to have dinner with mom & cousie.
Planned to have Thai Food.
So we search for a good restaurant.
Went to Tamarind Hills @ Ampang.
Its beside the Kelab Darul Ehsan.
There is a Italino and Thai restaurant together.
The Italian restaurant is more to modern style at above.
And the Thai one is more to classic one at below.
But we went to have the Thai one.

The main entrance.

The restaurant name.

The walking path.

Going down to the Thai restaurant.

The-very-nice Chef booth.

Our dining table.

The early appetizer.

Overall the dinner was all awesome there.
A very relaxing place to have dinner.
The environment is amazing there.
Food and services was very good too.
The price also very good.lol.