Tuesday, May 19, 2009


8am went for breakfast at Old Town,
with ManJun, JiaWen & Shirley.
9am went for Quantitative Methods tutorials.
Its all about graph today, simultaneous? optimal point? -.-
Class finish early today and got no more class today.

Wait for JW & Shirley to finish their 2nd class.
Then went to MPH to play badminton.
Reagan came join us for badminton.
Then went pooling with Reagan for few game.
Pooling again, i think i visit Fireball everyday? :D
Okey, Reagan defeats me. =x

We only ate breakfast since this morning,
therefore everyone is really starving.
Headed to U-Soya @ Taman Segar for late lunch? 330pm?
A shop of soya drink and taufufah specialist. But got food de la. :D
4 of us were so hungry, we ate so many things.
But JW only ate Taufufah jer bcz she said go home for dinner. @@
The food was quite nice and the taufufah is memang sedap !!
Pictures of food we ordered below. :)

U-Soya. :)

Curry Wantan Mee. :)

Roasted Pork Wantan Mee. :)

Claypot Drunken Chicken Rice. :)

The specialist taufufah. :)

Longan Taufufah. :D

Red Bean Taufufah. :)

Soya Bean Drink. :)

See how she enjoyed her taufufah. :D

Spot us!! :D
Going back lu. :)


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