Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UEFA CL Final.

Ohh. its Wednesday.
I'll just make this post short and quick. :)
8am, should be having class but skipped,
because my mom went out early in the morning,
and she thought my class were at 11am.

Went for brunch with mom before going to college.
Met Jiawen,Shirley & Keat and went chilled at McD.
Were argueing with Keat bout tonight UEFA CL Final.
Im a die hard MU fans with him supporting Barca. -.-

Played badminton at MPH for couple hour.
The weather is really hot. ishh -.-
Went yamcha at OldTown with Cloudy,MeiTeng & Ken.
Then go for pool with the gang and Yeak gang came too.
Walala. so many people today. :D
After pool then its time for night market. :)


Finally tried the CHAU TAUFU with Elsen edy !!
When you put inside ur mouth still okey,
but after munching for few mouth then tak boleh dah !!
Memang busuk weih! =S

Mr Stanley,Alex bro. :D

Overnight at Alex house tonight.
Went to POOL again with Alex and his bro at 12.30am.
Met Cloudy and her friends there too. :)
After pool, headed to BRJ with KienNing tagged along.


To watch the UEFA CL FINAL.
Okey. good game.
Barca won 2-0. T_T
They play very well and deserved the champions.
MU to blame on their tactics.

Everyone is keep teasing me with the MU losing. T.T
Still MU treble this season and 2nd best in Europe. :)
Glory Glory Man Utd.
Good nights.